whos the best wii player?


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Jun 12, 2009
Hey guys.. Im doin this thingy on who the best wii player is so I am putting a wii tournament to see who the best is..

All you have to do is:

Put your best game,
your friend code for the game,
and how you rate yourself at the game out of 5.. so you can play people on your level..

then after youve played put down who won by how many pts etc.

And ill sort out the finalists.. :cornut:
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remember Dr M.

Friend code

other than that thank you
WHATTT?! Well, we haven't played in a while but I beat him in this tournament. We're like on the same level.
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well i just started
and i got my wii last month

so whos CK?
is he like the best player or something?
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1: Dont double post.

2: Welcome to Wiichat.

3: He is God. Ill tell him to visit this thread.
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oops, and oh.. thanks

Twilight Hero.. what game did you beat him in?
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