Wifi USB Connector for NDS, will it work with Wii?


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Sep 28, 2006

I recently bought the Nintendo Wifi USB Connector to have my NintendoDS access the internet. It's cool because it's easy and less expensive than a wireless router.

Has Nintendo confirmed that it would work for the Wii too? It would be a smart move, my Wii would have access to the internet one minute after I take it out of the box :smilewinkgrin:

---- EDIT -----

Yes it works, it just requires the latest driver update.
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Sweeet !
Would it require a software update to be downloaded you think?
I just read that article and I'm a bit confused. If you have that adapter you still need a router?
-Mikey- said:
I just read that article and I'm a bit confused. If you have that adapter you still need a router?

Nope. All you need is a connection to the internet (preperably broadband, im not sure if dial-up will work or not) and a Nintendo Wifi USB cable (around £25)
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Arcadium said:
-Mikey-... do you have any source? Who has confirmed yet?
sources would be good.. what is the article you were refering to Mickey?

Because even if they use the same 802.11 wifi standard, it doesn't mean the softwares can talk to each other. (Ex: Your email program and your QuakeIII game both communicate on the internet through your ethernet cables, but that doesn't mean they can talk to each other).

Technically it's possible to have the Wii work with the Wifi USB Connector IF:
1. The Wii has been designed to do so.
2. The software for the USB Connector had been designed (or updated) to do so.

We'll have to keep our fingers crossed until we have an official confirmation
pizzaluvr said:
yes it will work, 802.11b/g is the same no matter what is sending it out(power aside)
You have it right and wrong at the same time. You are right in saying that all 802.11b/g signals are the same. The problem is, the WFC adapter doesn't send out 802.11b/g signals. It uses a Nintendo-proprietary signal, only the DS (and I'm sure the Wii, so let's just say "Nintendo products") can use it. If you notice when you set up the DS wireless connection, you have to follow completely different procedures to connect to the USB adapter than to a WiFi network. However, even though there is the technical difference, I'm sure the Wii will be able to use it.
Um yea, let me look for the article again. I think I read it on IGN but ill track it down and have a link up as soon as I come across it.
Do you reckon with the release of the wii they may update the USB connector so it is compatible with mac?
Hang on so for wifi DS games all I have to do is buy this (and find a spare usb port)

Edit : need prof that it works with wii
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oh ffs

When you go to connection settings and wireless then you press 'Connect to Nintendo USB Wi-Fi'

it works
hey so let me get this straight i have a wii n broadband n want it to connect to the internet.What else do i need?
do i need a router?
do i need a wi-fi usb connector?
do i need both?
and r the usb connectors out in shops yet? n how much?
sorry im dumb lol n look at my ova posts please!!!! i need help on twilight with da monkeys!