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Jul 12, 2006
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(I already put this as a comment in another thread jus thought i would start my own.) Hey jus thought it would be nice to inform u that the Bar saying Wii on the top of Wii game boxes is already official. Nintendo has already made it. In my opinion i think its real cool great job Nintendo. Wii box art.jpg
I think they're going to include more characters on it like the SSBM cover.
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Oh im talkin bout the Curve on the top tho they way Nintendo says " This game is for Wii " That isnt the official box for SSBB. Sorry if there was confusion.
i think the banner at the top will definatly be black or white not silver becuase i havent even seen a silver system since it was called the revolution

and that cover is nowhere near what i invisiond
deff. more characters on the cover
If this game was rated "M" it could have snake pointing an Mp5 point-blank right into the back of pikachu's head(or better yet, pichu's)
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I think is the best they have done, it says nintendo and wii it a great way. its really good :)