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Oct 4, 2006
Below you will find a proposal of a website I am developing. Please read it over and email me if you would like to participate, replying would be nice as well, so the post doesn't go to the bottom of the page.

If I don't reply within 1 day, max, it means I didn't get your email.

Wii Connect Magazine Proposal

What is Wii Connect Magazine? Well, Wii Connect Magazine will be an online gaming magazine that is free to visit and read. At the moment, this is a Nintendo based magazine. Mostly about the Wii above everything else. If we get enough staff then this magazine will become all 3 next-gen systems and maybe, very remotely, a PC magazine as well. But right now above EVERYTHING else, it is about Nintendo. I have no hard feelings if you can't deal with that. You shouldn't work for us anyway if you don't love Nintendo, or like them to say the least.


1. Cover

2. Letter from the editor

a. This is where I'll write in every issue about various things, mostly about the creation of the magazine.

3. Go Nintendo Advertisement
4. Contents
5. Staff Biographies

a. In each issue there will be Staff biographies. I got this idea from a magazine I got from E3. I will detail this for you later.

6. In the News - Live

a. Read Notes

7. Internet Hype Meter

a. Obtain from the internet general consensus about what people are excited for.

8. Community - Live

a. A mailbag that is constantly updated within the magazine

9. Music of the Issue: Chrno Symphonic

a. There will be music featured in every issue. The music will be down loadable and there will be an extensive article about the music and hopefully interviews with the creators of the music.

10. Preview Section

a. There will be as many previews as we can fit within the preview section, they will hands-ons as well.

b. Current Preview Ideas: Excite Truck (Hands-On), Wii Sports (HO), MP3 (HO), One Piece (HO), Super Mario Galaxy (HO)

11. Wii Connect Magazine Original Game Idea

a. I am hoping to have original game ideas within every issue, either that or current game franchises turned into MMORPGS.

12. In the forums

Quotes and cool features throughout the Nintendo forums and other forums as well

13. Interview*

We will hopefully nap an exclusive interview once a month.

14. WiiConnect24 Special Feature – YourWorstNightmare

A special feature about WiiConnect24 written by Nintendo Forums own YourWorstNightmare

15. Game Feature Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I want this feature to maybe be expectations of future games to come. Such as SSBB. Like what characters we expect to see, new levels, game changes ect.

16. Contest Winners

There will be a contest as often as we can hold one. Within this section will be the winners of the contest.

17. Next Issue Contest Rules
18. In the art world

Possibly my favorite part about the magazine. This section will feature both original and fan art done by artist throughout the internet and maybe via AIA. Each “In the Art World” feature will be specifically about one game, or series, such as The Legend of Zelda series.

19. Feature on game designing: The Invisible Studio Community

I want this magazine to fully support, promote and plug everything dealing with Game Design, especially independent game design. This issue will feature Finn's (My Twin's) website about game design, Invisible Studio Community.

20. Web Comic

Since I know a few people who will kill me if I don't add this. We will try to get a hilarious comic going in each issue surrounding games of course. The comic designers will come up with the idea.

21. Next Issue Preview

A full page spread on with images and few words displaying what the next issue will contain.



I am currently considering using advertisements within the magazine. Eventually as a way to bring in some money. The reason for the Go Nintendo ad is because Kevin Cassidy will be working for the site. As some of you know, Kevin Cassidy (Rawmeatcowboy) founded and runs GoNintendo.com, the best Nintendo site on the internet right now when it comes to constant news. (Going to his website might as well be an addiction.) The Ad's will be full page layouts, there won't be any sidebars ever, they are too distracting.


There will be numerous pages throughout the site that contain live updates. These are still within the magazine, but they will be updated daily, this encourages visitors to come daily and not monthly.

If you would like to work for the site than please reply. Even if you wouldn't like to work for the site reply anyway so that I at least know you read it.

If you would like to work for the site, please provide



Full Name


Position you would like to hold

Examples of your work within the field you would like to hold

Available Positions – You aren't limited to any one, but it would be easier for you if you focused on one area.

Adobe Indesign

Help layout the actual magazine


Write features or previews


This can include hand-drawn images scanned and then tweaked in Photoshop, or just straight up Photoshop images.

Web Comic

Design and make the web comic

The Internet Guy (Doesn't have to be a male)

This individual will set up the forums and the site. I already have my host and domain names obviously, its just their job to get it all working once we are ready to release the magazine. This job is very very important.

Creative Layouters

These people will be the ones that merge the graphics and the words in order to make something pretty and cool to look at.

Reply with any suggestions you can think of. I don't care how crazy it is, I will be able to make it work within the magazine. I have good detail on everything going on in this magazine, if you would like more detail, even in a particular section, than ask for it and I will send you more info.

The Escapist Magazine is a great magazine that comes out every week.


There is an example of one of their better issues.

This magazine will be a little bit like that but probably quite a bit better just because of all of the features that will be included within it.

The Agenda – In this order

1. Hire Staff
2. People who will write start writing articles
3. Design Magazine style
4. Graphics people start doing their jobs once the style is decided
5. The layouter's and Indesign people get it to mesh well
6. It goes to the Indesign people to finish laying it out
7. It gets put on the website Wii-Connect.com also ConnectRevolution.com
8. People are happy!

I'm sure I forgot a few things to mention, so please write any and all questions you have.

[email protected]

AIM – archaic400


Nintendo Forums name – Terrin

You can also Private Message me on these forums

Most everyone this is being sent to attends the Art Institute of Atlanta and knows each other personally. I trust all of you, and if you decide you would like to help with this amazing project than I trust you will work and do your jobs. Working on the internet becomes 10 times easier when everyone simply does what they are supposed to.


Fletcher Haverkamp
I don't really get it... it's confusing me... can you explain it a little bit more like smaller? thanks.
ok a few questions is this magazine a monthy and yes i would like to do something on the magazine
here is my aplication

aim (dont know what that is)
[email protected]
Evan D. Grendahl
writer (like a monthly essay on something nintendo would be good)
AIM: "Scream87Camaro"

Email: [email protected]

Full Name: Jason Packard
Age: 18

Position you would like to hold: There are a few I could do.

Examples of your work within the field you would like to hold:
A few years ago I used to write game reviews for an Xbox website. It was www.fansofxbox.com but it is now defunct. I also currently help run a website www.sntr2.com. I am familure with the forums administration systems and can manage that pretty easily. (As long as it is generally close to the one that is used over there.) I also helped to build the website. I also enjoy messing around in photoshop and can do some graphics there. I am not the best in that area though. There are some talented graphics artists on this forum!

I would like to help out in some way. Get ahold of me and we can talk about what is needed and if I can meet your expectations.
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"I don't really get it... it's confusing me... can you explain it a little bit more like smaller? thanks."

Wii Connect magazine is, at simplest, a website. However, this website well resmeble a real life magazine. You will turn the pages and there will be a table of contents. What separates us from paper and ink is the fact that

a. we have no limits to the amount of information we can put in one issue, including screenshots and everything else

b. the magazine will be interactive and what I like to call "live". This means that certain areas of the magazine, if not all, can recieve viewer feedback. Such as the mailbag (which would be updated daily).

I hope that makes it a little less confusing, if you are still confused just ask and I will try to explain some more.

ok a few questions is this magazine a monthy and yes i would like to do something on the magazine
here is my aplication

Yes, the magazine, at the moment, will be monthly unless we figure out a way to get it out the door with ease and professionalism.

I will write you later in the day concerning your application.

I will also write you Jason Packard about your position later tonight.

Thanks for being interested. This will be a fairly large project, but if I can manage to obtain a large number of staff that are all willing to just play their role, then I think we can make it work, and it will be a very gratifying experience for both us and the viewers who have most likely never seen a website such as this.
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Wiired said:
Hi.. im kinda interested in subscribing.. but i tried PM'ing u and it wouldn't let me :confused:

you can always email me, if you are interested in working on the magazine/website.
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MetroidZ said:
i dunno, does this magazine even exist yet?

No, I am advertising for staff so that I can get the first issue out. The more people the better.