wii dvd player

its probly same reason microsoft did it to cut down on console costs they have to pay roalyties to several people to use the dvd name and also its more hardware to deal with i'm sure it won't be too much i'd say $20 max maybe even only $10
I doubt DVD playback will come as a piece of hardware. The drive in the system is a DVD drive, it's just not set to have DVD playback enabled. It will most likely be a download from the Online Marketplace or a disk that updates your console.
the add-on is supposed to be a dongle that attaches to the system, most like software to decode the video, just because you have a dvd reader doesn't mean the movies can be decoded, that is all done through software.
maybe nintendo will announce the wii will have it in the system, i mean, its not liek anyone really needs it but its a nice feature, but it does bring the price down lower and everyone already has a DVD player and if you dont...well i dont know but you should have one
I already have 2 dvd players (1 is VCR/dvd) a ps2 with dvd, and for high-end my computer has 2 dvd writers with cinema software and TV-out, just need the surround sound which my wife will probably kill me if I get right before the Wii. So no I do not need another DVD player, I would really rather have my console focus on what it's meant for, GAMES, screw the 360 and PS3 they both suck as gaming consoles, my computer is my multimedia center and is 100-1000x better at it, Nintendo has the right thing in mind, gaming first extras afterwards if you want, kinda like customizing your own console to your liking.
yah well 360 and PS3 ran out of ideas so they start throwing on media **** (it really prooves they hit rock bottom)
Can't imagine anyone wanting to play DVD:s on a Dolby pro logic stereo system :tard:
I'm guessing that it will be released as a new docking bay for the Wii, kinda like the network adapter and the GBA player for the GameCube.