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Nov 21, 2006
Hey what up, copped a Wii on launch day (bought it for $40 on top of purchase price from a dude who camped all night for it and got a couple) along with an extra wii-mote (no additional nunchuck) and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Great game, but I'm still living in the Wii Sports universe.
Just tore myself away long enough to find this place because none of my friends have the luck I do and I'm the only one of us with a Wii. Hopefully you guys are geeked on it as me (seems like it). Lookin forward to adding some humans to my Wii Friends. I'm not sure what my # is, I'll have to check it later.
Oh, quick intro: I'm 25 year old dude, I work as an art director for a publishing company and i produce hip hop. My hobbies include video games, pot and your girlfriend. I'm from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. My computer platform of choice is Mac, (anyone needing to get your Mac to let your Wii share wireless-as in, you have a wired connection to the net and an airport card, get at me, I tracked down instructions) and my video game system of choice is Wii. I've got an NES and an SNES as well and an original copy of Chrono Trigger.
Not sure what else to say. I'm supposed to be working. Anyway. Peace out. Look forward to arguing with ya's!
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oh, sorry. where i'm from "copped" is a slang term used for "purchased".

lots of people think it's a term for "stolen" and perhaps someplace it is. Yeah, I'm a nice boy. Don't worry about that!

Nice to meet ya's!
Darkprinny said:

HAHA prinny i could just see this with the caption : "your parents told you to wear a condom, now your gonna be a father at age 17!!!" lol :yesnod:
Nope its because the nurse is hot and ippo saw her cleavage and got wood
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Scored another nunchuck and a classic controller last night... need 2 'motes, 2 nunchucks and 3 classic controllers then I'm set haha. Trying to score a copy of Zelda first though. Apparently there are zero copies in my city.

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