wii need this nintendo


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May 11, 2009
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wii fellow peeps who love playing online on wii, we need the thing that remember who u played with in each game like on PS3 and 360 then we can add ppl to out wii friend rooster with out using the FC's and it will be a little bit more mature!!! also we need a update to see what the friends who u registered on the console are doing exsample playing a game using the shop channel!!!

Who Aggrees?
i agree 1000 percent and another thing we need is on the photo channel if you have videos on your sd card you should be able to play them on the photo channel
yeah i agree wit u my peep !! ading friends or random ppl to ur rooster would be cool !! it would be so mature !! mature ftw !! i aggrree wii need an update but use need more exsamples !!