Wii Problem?


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Jan 6, 2010
Dear all, today I tried playing the wii resort game that involves that new wii sensor that goes on the wii remote. Funny thing is, the wii cursor would show up on the wii menu, but, as soon as you start the game, the cursor would not work period and when I would press the 'home button' on the wii remote, the cursor would still not work. I then tried playing a few other games and the same thing happened, though the buttons worked just fine. I am using a wireless wii sensor bar, but, I thought that might be the problem, so, I brought out my old one (the wired one that came with the wii) and it did the same thing. I tried doing everything to correct it (and I mean EVERYTHING as in re-positioning the sensor bar, re-calibrating the sensor bar, trying different wii remotes, new batteries, shutting off by unplugging the system, re-synching, the works) to no avail. The remotes synch up just fine and all the buttons work, just not the cursor. And, I know it is not the sensor on the wii remotes because I used a friend's wii remote which works fine on their wii but not on mine. Let me repeat one more time that it worked on the wii home, but not in the games. Any helpful advice would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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