Wii Release Date


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May 15, 2006
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I was just wondering about what time we are looking at for the release of the console? I hope they release it as soon as late this year, just after I finish my final high school exams. :)
gamespot has some interesting speculation (based on past nintendo consoles) and the announced q4 release date here

the whole article is good, but that page has the release and pricing speculation
Nice article thanks for the link, wonder how long til preordering starts up :cool:
Yes, I am awaiting a confirmation date and price. Never before have I felt so much heat and anticipation for a new gaming system. And I will assuredly have a Wii when it comes out, no mater what. Nintendo has impressed me more than I could have imagined.
I have been doing a little research and I have learned that the price will be around $249 which is not bad at all for the system.
How about the day after Thanks Giving. Its only the busiest shopping day in the US. People will pack the stores to the brim. This will cause mayhem. This should be the first item on your list cause if you go latter in the day there will be none left.

Imagine the last Wii on the self and two parents arguing taking out their frustration of the day, trying to get the last Wii. The would make for some great entertainment.
They have officially said Q4, however i heard they where aiming for a november launch to get out before ps3, but thats just what i heard... or remember hearing.