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Jul 20, 2006
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Many people on the Internet have said they would like voice chat on the Wii. I have draw up this concept for "Wii Speak" to show how nintendo could do it with a simple update and Blue Tooth Headsets. This concept uses the home menu instead of integrating into each game it would work with all new and old games on the market.

This first image shows what the Home Menu would look like after the update it has a button for the "Wii Speak Room" and "Wii Headset Settings"

This next image shows the Wii Headset Settings has a Volume and an option to allow the incoming audio to be outputting on the TV or not.

This last image is the "Wii Speak Room" you can add or remove people from the conference room that are in your Wii's Address book (we all know Nintendo wont let us talk to strangers)

The "Wii Speak Room" show the persons, Name, Mii, Signal Strenth, and has a Remove and Mute button. Also if you click the persons name it will show information about them what game thier playing and other things like that you can send them Text messages and your name will blink in thier room along with the blue LED on the front of the Wii.

Also when you close the Home Menu and return to your game you are still in the room while your playing your games online :D

P.S. I made these in paint so they aren't that intricate anyone who wants to add to my concept or make it better feel free. Also don't post saying this is fake because obviously its not in development as its purely my own concept and idea and not real and its a waste of time posting that its fake when I already said it is.


I made it into the news on MaxConsole Click Here
It has also now been posted on digg Click Here
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*claps* bravo your a genious the perfect way for nintendo to finally learn how to implement voice chat. nintendo seriosly needs to get over themselves and that stupid child safety because their killling it for those who like to play online so they should say the wii is only recommended to those of the age 12 and up. to bad so sad for those who are 11 and 10 because nintendo may have found a new market but if you loose the core people then the new audience may not stick with you.
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Indeed and this sticks with Nintendo's "you can only talk to people you know" plan because you can only add people who are in your address book they could even maybe have a Wii Speak Channel just to talk to people would be kinda cool.
Sounds great to me.

Although I have to admit that I'm depressed. The 'Wii Speak' sounded so Nintendo-like that I thought this was confirmation...
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Yeh in my concept idea it is. You just click the Add button and it brings up your address book so you can add people to the room if they are online.

A Concept Idea is something that someone made up that isn't real :D
you should email nintendo about it. and tell them about the home menu and friend only thing they might just do it
espeially with a hip name like wii speak.
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LOL yeh i thought about emailing it to nintendo but i think it if gets popular enough they will find out about it anyways and use it if they want to
nah they dont like patrol the forums lol. email them though. you know, it almost doesnt surprise me that nintendo isnt up on these things, you know they dont even know how much money the VC has made? they didnt even have a projected output $$
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im sure nintendo knows how much money the vc made :p but yeh maybe i will email it to them now i just need reggie's email
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The room serves other messaging purposes could possible also show what games your friends are playing and other information. :D
Great idea dude I could actually see Nintendo doing something like that.

You are repped good Sir =]

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