Wii Stocks Going HIGH!


Aug 6, 2006
Nintendo on Wii bit of a high
September 4th, 2006
Nintendo must be really enjoying themselves right about now. Reports from Japan have come in stating that their stock continues to climb, all thanks to the buzz of the Wii. Each week Nintendo’s numbers just keep climbing…most likely because each week we grow closer to more Wii info! Merril-Lynch states that Nintendo’s stock could rise yet again in the coming weeks. The financial firm believes that the price point difference between the Wii and PS3 is a huge factor in public opinion.

For all you who don't really understand, I will try to explain, we've all heard of the Stock Market (you know the one that crashes in the 30s?) and people can buy and sell stocks, buying a stock is like buying a portion of something, then whatever they invested in (a company) they will loose or gain money depending on how much the company is making, so the stocks are raising which means people believe the Wii will do awesome (once the Wii comes out, if it does good stocks for it will cost more so people are buying them now) Stocks, from what i understand, are like a loan that you either looes money from or get money from.

well you don't really get a lot based on how much money the company makes. you can only lose a lot based on the company, ie: they fold. its mostly how much other people invest. especially for inflated tech stocks like apple and google.
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ok i was winging it, i dont know much. yah my friend said that you want to invest in new technology they made 250,000 investing into this wire thing and their filthy rich and they were rich before too *SIGH* the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
your best bet is to invest in new stuff and anything priced under a cent. highest potential for return.
when u buy stocks, how much u lose or gain depends on how much money u put in or how many stocks u bought. If u buy 50% of a share, then whatever that company loses, u will lose 50% of; if the company makes a profit, then u gain 50% of that profit for owning half of the stocks...this is how stocking and investing works; of course, thsi is a very general definition...