Wii Storage Blocks


Aug 6, 2006
Ok, so the Gamecube threw us off with blocks for their memory cards, and we're all like: wtf mate
Well after doing some switch arounds, I have figured out what Blocks are = to and about how many Wii will have.

First off, the amounts.
These are grouped by cards, not all these are exact, like this many MB is really XX.XX blocks, but Nintendo just rounded it off.

59 Blocks = 64 MB
251 Blocks = 256 MB
1019 Blocks = 1 GB

Thus, the Wii will have aruond 500 "Blocks" for storage. (see below for exact)

And to proove this, here's my math!

Heres simple rounding: 59-64 251-256 1019-1024, awfully close eh? All off by 5 KB/Blocks

59 into 251 (blocks) is around 4 (4.25 blah blah blah) then 251 into 1019 is around 4 too (4.059 blah blah blah) And, 64mb into 256mb is 4 exactly, and 256mb into 1024mb is 4 exactly. And well, thats my conclusion really. So close, so similar, for thoes ney sayers, saying thats to simple, of course it is! Nintendo just wanted a simple system and not have to get into KB for kids I bet.

So using these methods the Wii will have exactly...(drum roll) 507 Storage Blocks!

Ok, well I did this all, becuase us at IRC chat (gonintedo) were wondering what Blocks were in MB to see the storage. And no websites gave out this info that we could find.

And so, I'm very proud of myself for figuring this out. Enjoy =]

-If i confused anyone with Mb or MB, I'm going by whatever the Wii uses.
-Blocks are referred to thoes from the Nintendo Memory Cards, not any other tech. term.
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Uh... Yay?

Well... Do You Think Animal Crossing Wii Will Take Up The ENtire MEmory Like On The GC?
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will7303 said:
thats not right cause 4 mb is 59 blocks and 8 is 123 so 1 mb is 15.375 blocks so 512 X 15.375 = 7872 blocks

others came to that conclusion, but if you times 59 by 17 it equals 1019, but if you times 4 by 17 it only = 68.
ermmm... i believe all of the consoles have gotten past that gay old "blocks" things, i think theyre just putting x mb/gamesave