Wii + Weight Training = Good and Fun Workout


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Apr 25, 2007
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So last night I had this idea. I'd had these Adjustable Wrist/Ankle Weights for awhile, You can get them here.


I used to wear them on my legs back in the day when playing DDR to build up leg speed and endurance. I haven't played much DDR as of late and the weights have just been collecting dust.
I thought about them yesterday and thought, what would they be like with the Wii?

So I strapped them on and gave it a go.

The first game that game to mind was Wii Bowling because I thought the added weight would give the game more of a bowling feel. It did, at first it affected my scores because of the added resistance I wasn't getting the ball off as I normally would, having 10 pounds constantly strapped to your arms takes it toll but after getting used to it I really liked playing this way, my second game I bowled a 198 and hit my first 7 - 10 split.
I ended up switch hitting and bowled a game with my left land to equal the work out.

I decided to try some games that use both hands. I played Golf, and did quite well, because of the added resistance I wasn't over powering and slicing everything.

I wanted some more two handed games so I popped in Monkey Ball.

First game that game to mind was the Hurdle Race because I knew it had a pumping motion. That one was tiring, but fun.
I tired Simon Says, that one was good too since in involves you holding your arms out steady at select heights and remaining steady.
I tired some space shooter too which has you hold your arm out steady and tilt left and right, using a flicking motion to shield. As I finished that one I replayed with my left hand.

I played a few hours playing various games and today I am sore, and thats good. In the beginning Nintendo promoted the Wii as a Fitness system. With all the ways to hold the Wiimote and the many many different motions it incorporates, I see using the Wii along with some weights for some added workout and still having fun doing it. I'll be doing this again and experimenting with some more games.
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:D i have some of those that i wear on my ankles when i drum, it helps build leg muscle so i can play faster on the bass and hi-hat, but ya, good idea, should work with the wii too
I get sore after I play boxing usually cause I only pop it in once in a while. I can't wait till the Health Pack comes out.
ive got two 2kg wrist wieghts that i used to use when i boxed, have been using them with wii sports since i got my wii 2 months ago
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Almo said:
ive got two 2kg wrist wieghts that i used to use when i boxed, have been using them with wii sports since i got my wii 2 months ago

It's funny you said that because last night I used my weights with Wii Sports Boxing, by far the most tiring of all the games I've tried so far, but I think it makes it a lot more fun than playing without the weights. After a lengthy session of playing I'm sore again, especially in my Biceps down to the lower tendon. I'm glad I picked up Super Paper Mario so I can kick it and take a break for a day.

Taills said:
I've always wanted to try that, but I never was able to find any of those weights.

Try Champs Sports, thats where I got mine, you could also try GNC, they sometimes have some lighter workout equipment.
Amazon.com also has them.
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I already have some of those

but I should try my self
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very cool, and im sure i you used them on wii tennis, you would lose alot of weight very fast. Nice idea!
yeh.. i trie it with the running game in ray man.. its VERY hard..
my friends sister got 7th in australia for rayman (bunnies are over sensitive) the hammering game.. the lump on the bunnies head was 292 M :crazy: ..
lol ok ive been using them on sports for ages, just tested them on sonic and the serect rings (last level when you face the boss and have to shake the wiimote constantly) almost couldnt lift my arm after i was done lol, nt too sore today though.