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Jan 26, 2009
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There was an old thread like this on Wiichat before the crash and I figured why not bring it back. Credit for idea goes to whoever originally thought of this. I forgot who did.
This thread is a sort of Best on Wiichat thread. You pick a topic that's listed below and fight to be the best on Wiichat. You get bragging rights about it.
Simply state what you want to challenge for and set it up with the current Title holder. Fight to earn or keep your title on any agreed rules.

So have fun brawling it out to prove your the best!

Best Brawler on Wiichat= [open] (This Title is for whoever own the most Titles overall / This title will not be given till all others have an owner.)

Best Metaknight= [open]
Best Snake= [open]
Best King Dedede= [open]
Best Olimar= kingslayer
Best Lucario= [open]
Best Toon Link= [open]
Best Mario= [open]
Best Captain Falcon= GCommander
Best Fox= [open]
Best Pikachu= [open]
Best Samus= [open]
Best Ganondorf= Fox
Best Game & Watch= [open]
Best Kirby= [open]
Best Link= [open]
Best Donkey Kong= [open]
Best Luigi= [open]
Best Marth= cookie mo
Best Squirtle= [open]
Best R.O.B.= [open]
Best Ness= [open]
Best Zero Suit Samus= Bio
Best Diddy Kong= [open]
Best Bowser= Lastwords?
Best Charizard= [open]
Best Zelda= [open]
Best Falco= akubokawii
Best Peach= [open]
Best Ivysaur= [open]
Best Wario= [open]
Best Ike= GCommander
Best Yoshi= SonicMan
Best Shiek= [open]
Best Jigglypuff= [open]
Best Wolf= GCommander
Best Pit= GCommander
Best Lucas= Cuomo
Best Sonic= SonicMan
Best Pokemon Trainer(all 3)= [open]

To claim a title, post that you want it. Someone else must claim the character and then they must have a ditto match to earn the title. You are only allowed three challanges at a time. This is for organizing purposes as well as to keep you focused on those specific characters.

After you win a title you must PM me. Otherwise I won't update the list.

Ban List:

This is where the banned go. If I get reports of cheating you get a warning and the title goes back to the rightful owner. If I get a second report then you are added to this Ban List. If you're on the list then you can't make challenges, can't hold a title, and I will not remove your name, ever.
BoZ the Epic
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I'm up for an Ike title match. I truly believe I'm the best Ike user around here. I have been training Ike for 1 year now and I want to put all that training I had with him into good use. I use Ike almost everyday for atleast 1-3 matches. So if anyone thinks that they have good Ike skills show me. Remember to "Prepare Yourself" to whoever faces me.
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and there is now a challenge! to earn the title of Best Ike, someone needs to first accept your challenge and face you.

might as well while i wait, i'm issuing a challenge for the Kirby title
and there is now a challenge! to earn the title of Best Ike, someone needs to first accept your challenge and face you.

might as well while i wait, i'm issuing a challenge for the Kirby title

Who are you facing for Kirby title?

I'm also going for an Olimar title anyone out there.

Could I go for more than one title at the same time?
Hahaha, this again?

Well, I'll play along I guess. I nominate myself for Pikachu and Pit. But if Hicks ever comes back, he'll probably take like half of all these awards, though. =/

@GioO: I'll play against you for the ZSS title. Maybe later today. Doesn't have to be like the other league rules.

@General: Seeing that Shadow's post says that the one with the most titles gets the Best Brawler on Wiichat title, then yes, you can go for multiple titles.

@Shadow*91: So how many brawls need to be played to decide the winner? Best out of [however many] or just one...or is it up to us?
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Ahh, I'm glad to see this thread return; I never had my shot at the throne. :)

You know I'm going for best Meta Knight and Wolf, yeah? There's a few Wolf users around here, so who's up for the challenge? How about you, General? :p

Where's Sho? I want to see the results of his Ike and General's Ike facing eachother. That'd be one hell of a Brawl.

Shadow, I can Brawl you for best Kirby. I subbed him for an amount of time back in the day; I might just win if I've got luck on my side.
I claim to be the best Zero Suit Samus user.

I claim to be the best Link user.
Until I get a challenge for Ike and Olimar I guess that I will go foe Wolf.

@CK want a Wolf ditto watch?

Accepted. I'll PM you for details.

@Ck: I challenge you to a meta title. hehe, good luck ;)

Also accepted. Not today though; I'm obsessed with the FE game my friend let me borrow. ... Even though it's only for the GBA.
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1) Bio stated the obvious, go for as many titles as you want to try for.

2) the matches are whatever the two decide.

3) both must PM me results so i know.

4) bring it CK!