Wind Waker finished in 7 hours ;)

I stopped playing it after the first master swird unlock. After that I just took pictures and made them into dolls.
I'll take your word for it as I don't want to watch a video for 7 hours lol also it will get me in the mood for wind waker and I remember the last time it happened I had to play through the whole game again then I kept on asking my grandma for soup when I was about to die after trying to fight the police in real life with a sword and got injured and I thought drinking my grandma's soup would make me strong again then I sailed over the ocean without a map waiting for a fish to come out of the water to give me directions *shudder* the memories
im going to watch the whole video...

im bored, im off today, and i have no money, so calling friends or chicks is pointless...

nah jus joking, but i am gonna look through it.