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Crushed Ice
Jun 8, 2007
Wii Online Code
Ok this is very simple.
The object of them game is to try to make the longest sentence.
How do you do this? OK when someone says a word you copy it and add on to it.If you can no longer continue the sentence then start a new one.

poster #1:people
poster #2:people say
poster #3:people say dumb
poster #4:people say Dumb things
poster #5:people say dumb things when...
and so on

1.No flameing,spaming,annoying other people
2.Only start a new sentence when the old sentence can no longer continue.
3.Only 1 word per post
4.edit immediately if you made a mistake or if someone posted at the same time but before you
5.You can only use 1 "and" in a sentence

WiiChats Longest Sentence:

"people love it because he killed the living crap ball and ate fried turkey leg with weird looking rotten people on plates that spin on big alien who found a clicking thing which exploded at the far hell, deep in the volcano of the crater" total words are 45

Ill start:
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The reason i make alot of games is because i enjoy the board games section cause I thinks its filled with the greatest ideas

People love it
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everyone is mixed up...

start with

people love it because he killed the living
people love it because he killed the living crap ball and ate