Use that in a sentence. (game)

After i threw my Xbox 360 at my neighbors cow, i went to my computer and turned it on. I click Mozilla and went to the internet.I went to Bookmarks and click WiiChat. I found that my Comedy thread was a Stiky. I was so shocked that my hair fell off my head...

Next words...

WiiChat,Santa,Easter bunny,PS2,Wii, and Icyoooppplaa
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i was playing my Wii and realised the graphics are not to much better than ps2 , i wasnt to dissapointed though because at least they are better and graphics are not even in my top 5 things to look for in a game,,

the number 1 thing i look for in a game though, is whether or not Icyoooppplaa likes it, because if he does, I dont want it (LOL)

anyway about 7 months after gettting my wii i was looking for wii online games and i stumbled across wiichat , it was as if santa had come early, or at least that the easter bunny was late.

umm heres some new words.

jake, pizza, fridge, crash, hump, bump, jump, trumpet, microwave, house, imagine, Dvd, cow (i like using cow lol)