You know you've played too much Zelda when...


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Jun 26, 2006
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I found this on a zelda fansite a couple of years back and thought it was too good to let me pass up, so here it is!

The game goes like this, below is a list of the top-ten signs you've played too much Zelda, all you have to do is add another humerous "sign you've played too much zelda" to the list, for example: You chop down grass in your search for bombs and rupees around the garden

Top 10 Signs that your playing too much Zelda.
You go and hack down bushes in peoples garden.
You run around town with a chicken held above your head
You try and 'lock on' to people passing by.
You leap automatically from kerbs.
You don't mind being called fairy boy.
You are afraid to sleep in case you wake up in seven years time.
You hum ocarina tunes in lessons to warp out of school
You think people with ginger hair are pure evil.
You vandilise gravestones
You make masks and wear them thinking you have special powers.
you know you've played too much zelda when you think it's manly to dress like Peter Pan!
You Know youve played too much Zelda when you pull out a condutors wand, saying ur changing the direction of the wind!
You know you've played Zelda too much when you look at the moon every night making sure its the same distance away as before.
I believe I've tried to lock onto people :p

When I was playing GTA too much, every car I saw I felt like stealing, that was weird, but that was when I first got my ps2 and I was excited.
You know you been playing too mush Zelda when you expect to automatically jump everytime you run off a cliff
You know you been playing too mush Zelda when you try to somersault instead of walking.
You know you've been playing too much Zelda when you constantly look over shoulder to make sure a little ball of light isn't following you saying "Hey, listen!"