Your Main Strategy

Mega Luigi

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Feb 14, 2009
What's your main Strategy?

Here's mine:
The Best Defense is a good Offense.

In other words get good Speed and Attack or Sp. Attack and faint the opponent before he/she can attack.

All my Pokemon on my team accept Palkia and Porygon-Z are Fast Sweepers.
Synergy: If your team does not work as a cohesive unit then you are asking for trouble. You cover your obvious weakness with the obvious counters. For example the corner stone of my sweeping power is handled by Jirachi, his weaknesses are then backed by dragonite, who is covered back again by Jirachi.
i teach all my guys at least 1 move that covers the weaknesses of my other team members. i also diversify the team a lot so i have only 1 or 2 with ovelapping weaknesses
Stall and sweep. Scout out the opponent through excessive stalling, letting weather and poison do it's job. Than move in for the sweep.

That was then. Now, it's more of see how much of a douche I could be by using obscure Pokemon in my teams (Such as Sableye, Pikachu, etc.) just to tick the opponent off. Usually catches people off guard.
Make sure you have at least one move affect a status condition and lots power from offence
More then that, going back to the concept of synergy, take advantage of what status effect you are spreading.
If your physical defence is lacking, you add in burn support.
If your sweepers are on the slow-ish side, adding in paralysis support
Filled with stall pokes? Toxic Spikes and toxic makes the game go by faster
Brutal, unrelenting, fast paced offenses while taking advantage of resistances.

As Strype mentioned, synergy is absolutely necesarry for a team. Some use weather, some use specific pokemon pairings(as aforementioned, D-nite-'Rachi), so on and so on. Me? I just pummel the sh1t out of people. :lol:

All jokes aside, I'm all about getting a quick lead and sustaining it. Choice pokemon combined with a good SR lead get me into the game fast, and if I get that lead, it usually is a chain effect getting the enemy deeper into hot waters. After a bit of switching and choicing(which in turn helps scout my opponent's team), I bring out my sweeper(which hugely benefits from SR btw), and sweep away.

Even without setting up a sweep, all my pokes are entirely capable of smashing everything with fast 2HKOs or instant OHKOs, meaning if my main sweeper is down, I still have a chance(as well as a semi-back up sweeper for support to fall back on). You need walls to win a game every time? My ass you do. ..You could say that's my policy. :p
Let's see if I can remember...

I always teach a move to a Pokemon that counters its weakness (i.e., Blastoise knows Earthquake). I am mainly an offensive player, so I tend to use stronger moves, most of them having side effects, like being able to freeze. And... I can't remember much more. I haven't played in awhile.

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