Your Own Zelda Game


Evil Link
Oct 12, 2006
What if you could make your own Zelda game? What would it be like and how would your storyline go?
man, this is not the place to ask that! I could be like, 8 million years thinking up a creative plot that would stay true to Zelda form! But, lets see, I'll give a little detail...hmm

I think it would take place in a new setting (yay) and I think I would make Zelda and Link live in the same community. Then, their village is under seige, and they escape, but are separated. After Link travels a bit, he fins her again, but soon after, she is captured by the people who destroyed their village, because she has (as true Zelda form would have it) triforce energy. Link then has to go and save her, but they soon realize that he has 'triforce energy' too, so they try and capture him too, and then gameplay, gameplay, and then big battle, Princess saved
I would probably add more, but this is in a rush:)
i would give it charicter development. Twists and turns. Basicly what zelda lacks to make it a true rpg. Maybe give link a background? a famely. Tragity... the works. Have the whole game, were link is trying to find the triforce of curage, but in the story, he is too late, but then ends up having it the whole time, as it slowly manifested with his will to save the princess. all kinds of good things that i dont think zelda games touch on. how about meeting ganon more then twice a game.

I think ww did ok.
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How about this. If everyone can decide on one plot that they all really like, I could make that game in the nes style. Or for that matter, in a 2d style, which ever perspective that people like. Unfortunatly, I am not very good at
3Dimensional games yet, but still...

So if you want to do this, all I require is the storyline and important plot points. I don't make many clones, but I am pretty good at level design and that so it should come out pretty good!
I think doing a port of link to the past would be awsome. I got leet photshop and dzn skills handed down from my teachers.

But to be truthfull without a 20 man team it would take a few years and i dont know if I can dedicate that kind of time.
how about the name for a time travelling one it would be called Legand of Zelda: Time Perishes...... how do you like that bitches?
... thats a new take on it. What about in a more urban setting then... with more "people" than creatures.
I dident think that link fought enuff humans. It would really change combat. I think more combos would be nice too, if we are talking about a 3d game that is.
I'm already in the process of making a big Legend of Zelda game (one without Zelda actually) and yeah it's taught me heaps about how to make a Action/Adventure game. The avatar pics I've used are the screen dump pics from the game. Not to say that there's a triforce to be found in this game but I can choose it to have one or not XD.

Btw I'm thinking of putting a Dark Link as a mid adventure mid level boss in one of the temples in the game but it's already proving to be quite tricky to program.

Making a game really does make you appreciate how great some games are and it shows how much effort a team of programmers/artists and story developers have have made to achieve a 'great' game. LoZ OoT for one.