zelda movie in the making!


Jun 25, 2006
hemet, CA
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sorry if it has been posted before i searched and did not find it anywhere... but here it is... the zelda movie that has been made by a group of very dedicated fans ( who may also have no life) have decided(2 years ago) to make an movie adaptation of the legend of zelda ocarina of time, it should be interesting if this movie is really put out to dvd.... i thought nintnendo woul dhave rather of made the movie or would have given the right to to a respectable source ya know?... anyways here it is...

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if you look at the trailer on youtube, it is going to be a real life movie, live action... or whatever you call it, ... thought this was somethign worth puting up here haha
ohhh seeing that trailor has made me not want to see the movie anymore..... looks like a low budget film... not my type of movie, i need to atleast have one celebrity i know for me to go see the movie.
Of course it's a low budget film. It was made by a bunch of fans, not professional actors, or I don't think it was...

But IMO it was pretty decently done.
wow that was pretty good. honestly though, i think they need a kid 2.... the guard scene it was that same link. either way, i hope its good. as long as they do not f#%k up zelda 4 us... after all, me and most other mario fans have never lived down the mario movie.... err i mean there was no mario movie. it never happened. they want u 2 think that there was 1 but, there was never one.
yeh Link looks like a fair loser his hair shouldn't be so blonde
LOL just noticed something after watching ti again the Triforce is drawn on the back of Links hand with a black texta.... talk about cool

Although it would be pretty cool having a zelda movie
This is bull:p I think the N should make their own animated one...where Link talks!!!!!!
this is a cheap "series" god link looks soo...gay..lmao such a pretty boi, and no pointy ears, PERFECTLY CLEAN CLOTHES not to mention unwrinkled
no its a movie, i read a lot from that site, over 90 hours of film has been filmed already, 50+ hours of mess ups, 20+ hours of behind the scenes stuff like that, then they spent film practicing angles and what not, then they gotta edit, right now their working on animation

ima watch it anyways, low budget films are always a good laugh