Zelda Wii; Already one year into development


Dec 5, 2006
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New Wii Zelda Already One Year Into Development

The latest issue of Game Informer has reported that a brand new Zelda for Wii has been in development for a year and could come out sooner rather than later.

"Our sources tell us that the next instalment in this series has been deep in development for around a year. It's highly unlikely that Nintendo would release two Zelda games a year apart, but don't be surprised if this game comes up sooner than you think," reports the magazine.

The same issue also reports that the DS version of Phantom Hourglass has been delayed until October 2007, which is gutting if true.


Nintendo have confirmed in the latest issue of GameInformer that a new Zelda game is currently in development for the Wii and has been for about a year. Miyamoto has said that Twilight Princess was the last Zelda game as we knew it, so maybe this will see a distinct change in the style of gameplay. GameInformer said that the game could come out earlier than we expect, but it is likely it won’t be out until at least late next year.

I have a theory: I bet Nintendo is going to time these releases together(Phantom Hourglass and Wii-Zelda) Miyamoto says that TP is the last zelda as we know it, and I certainly don't doubt him. Phantom hour glass should be interesting, Wonder if both of these wont be story/gameplay related? ya think?
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Miyamoto says TP is gonna be the last Zelda as we know it?

What does that mean? No more zelda games? Wouldn't make sense considering they are coming out with one for DS. Am I missing something here?
Errrr why oh why would that mean no more zelda games, it just means zelda games as we know them are going to change... who knows maybe in the next one link will be a girl and it will be a fps.... HAHAHAHA
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Nintendo confirm that a new Zelda title for the Wii is already in development, while Link's latest on the DS is delayed...

The latest issue of Game Informer has confirmed that the next home console chapter of the Zelda series has already begun production, and has already been in production for about a year!

Unlike Twilight Princess, a GameCube title for most of its life, this new Zelda is being developed specifically for the Wii. Miyamoto has said that Twilight Princess was the last Zelda as we knew it, so it seems the new title may see bring in a new style of gameplay for the series.

Although Game Informer states that we could see the title "sooner than expected", it would be highly unlikely to release next year, just twelve months after Twilight Princess. We'd peg it at a 2008 release.

Meanwhile, in other Zelda news, the DS' upcoming Phantom Hourglass (sequel to the GameCube's sublimely cel-shaded Wind Waker) has been delayed until October 2007. Apparently the title has undergone major re-working since we last saw it at E3 2006.
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Old to you I suppose... I missed the previous post about it completely. :/

My cheif reason for creating this thread is to get others opinions on just what style of Zelda game we will see next.
I would like for Nintendo to go in the direction of online play. Maybe something like a MMORPG. That would be great.
maybe that lad who goes to link i wana be just like you when i grow up in t.p. will be the new link or something
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I personally dont think the core theme/story is going to change all that much.. still gonna be a Link.. still gonna be a Zelda.. I have a feeling that Nintendo has a new style of play up their sleeve. Like the switch from 2d to 3d... I have a feeling this "new style" will be a new way to play through the Zelda story of the new game.(just a hunch)