Zelda Wii; Already one year into development

5010 said:
I personally dont think the core theme/story is going to change all that much.. still gonna be a Link.. still gonna be a Zelda.. I have a feeling that Nintendo has a new style of play up their sleeve. Like the switch from 2d to 3d... I have a feeling this "new style" will be a new way to play through the Zelda story of the new game.(just a hunch)

Well im glad there just feelings and not facts almost felt like we had something to go on there :crazy:
'the last zelda as we know' propably they gonna go on out with the old and in with the new. and if they delay then i wouldnt care about it because the delay makes a difference when they just release zelda tp for the wii and it has good controls just to enjoy it
Maybe in the next game the player will control Zelda, and it will be called "The Legend of Link"............he has earned it.