Near Five Year Development Cycle for Zelda Wii?


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Feb 7, 2007
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According to wii.nintendolife. The legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, the sequel is developed for 5 years now says nintendolife.

Temple of Time, get it?... TIME!

2010's most anticipated game has reportedly been in production since 2006

According to Zelda Informer, the highly anticipated Zelda Wii has been in production since early 2006, meaning that if released in 2010 as promised it will have had nearly a five year development cycle. The previous record of three years held by Ocarina of Time looks paltry in comparison.
The article in question is titled “What we know about Zelda Wii,” and contains a number of "facts" gleaned from news stories. One of these stories was found in a short article in issue #165 of Game Informer magazine from January 2007, though the original text makes no mention of what platform this game is being developed for.
Next Zelda Coming Soon?
Most gamers are still making their way through Twilight Princess, yet our sources tell us that the next instalment in this series has been deep in development for around a year. It’s highly unlikely that Nintendo would release two Zelda games a year apart, but don’t be surprised if this game comes sooner than you think.
The above comment is also printed in the “Loose Talk” section of the magazine, an area reserved for “Hot Gaming Gossip”, so perhaps take this information with a pinch of salt. It could just as easily have meant Phantom Hourglass.
Heres the hero named Link

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