Zenimax buys ID Software any Doom for Wii?


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Feb 4, 2009
Hello, recently Zenimax a division of Bethesda buys the acclaimed ID software!!

Now, Zenimax is the only Bethesda's division that delivered some Wii games in the past years. This means that Mr. Carmack finnaly deliver the mistery game that is an adaptation from an Iphone 3G game?

Probably a remake of Doom exclusive for Wii?

A new Orcs&Elves game?

Whorever is the cause, it's highly probable that Carmack finnaly jump to the Wii bandwagon.

What you think?
Zenimax own Bethesda, not the other way around. Bethesda has never made a wii game, but they have published an externally developed one.
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Ask the man yourself Stickmode.

Yes and here's the response of Carmack:

"We like to think of it as a more guided experience than an on-rails game," Carmack told Joystiq this morning, referring to the game's character control system. "Originally, I was pitched the title as a Wii game -- I dropped some hints about this earlier in the year but nothing substantial, in case the game didn't work out or it wasn't fun or something like that," he continued.

Here's the link: