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Aqua: Naval Warfare (XBLA)

Discussion in 'Xbox Consoles' started by Fox, May 28, 2010.

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    Hey I was wondering if anybody else has downloaded this. I'm having a really hard time finding decent guides for it. There's one last achievement that I need and it is Wavebreaker, (defeat 25 waves in skirmish mode). I need help with this. The Vanquisher wave and the wave proceding it murder me. The Vanquishers aren't SO bad if you have the Heavy Flamethrower but still, I get beasted every time if I make just one slipup. Anyone have an achievement guide? I can help with all the other achievements if you need it.

    There are avatar awards in this game as well. You get a Emperian suit (male and female) for finishing the first stage and a hat for defeating the first Biotica weapon.

    The Chaser achievement can be done very easy by setting the round count to five and signing in a local account in. Beat them 10 times for the cheevo.

    Any help with Wavebreaker is greatly appreciated. Also, general Aqua discussion thread.

    EDIT: Making some headway. The reflector ships in wave 18 are a massive bloody whore but if you can manage to keep one or two lives you can make it. The green (super) reflector ship must be the hardest thing to take down on your way to this achievement, but if you can use your aquaflux after the "narwhale" ships kill themselves (assuming you do skirmish mode in the gate area) to kill off as many of the reflectors as you can before the super reflector makes his way to ruin your day. If you get rid of enough you can just circle the stage with the dominator cannon pointed toward the center of the stage avoiding your own reflected cannon shots. Eventually you should take all but the super down, although the super is faster and can catch up with you, if you can manage to kill it, you're in the preverbial clear, and if you can keep at least one life and you have the skill to kill it you can survive to the 24th wave. You won't have to deal with a super reflector now, but the super you will have to deal with can be persistant as hell. Burn it untill it dies, just try to avoid getting trapped into shooting into a reflector. The supers and narwhales die first then you can use the circle dominator tactic to finish them. I did this but managed to be so stupid in trapping myself in a corner and reflecting my own cannon shot into me resulting in my FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU- since it was the last ship... I don't know for sure if you have to beat the 25th wave or just reach it but it is the easy wave. Circling dominator tactic, voila.
    This got me ranked 4th in the world in skirmish gates. =3
    Rambling for fun at this point.
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