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Brawl League Stage Legality

Discussion in 'Smash Brothers' started by SR-71, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. SR-71

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    Jan 27, 2009
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    [I assume the Brawl League is still functional.. I just completed a challenge and then the whole ladder just disappeared. Oh well I'll post this anyway.]
    EDIT: OH MAN please re-make the Brawl League, Jonryan and I were just getting into it >.< Why was it deleted???

    Alright, the Brawl League is awesome, but there are no rules about stage legality. We need some rules so players can't unfairly pick just any stage, or we at least need rules for the Starting stage, so the first match of the set is fair. Then the loser can have more choices for his/her Counterpick. I suggest this official stage list, taken from the players at http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=153706

    Starter (These can also be used as Counterpicks, of course.)
    Final Destination
    Yoshi's Island

    Counter (May be chosen by the loser for games 2 and 3.)
    Castle Siege
    Lylat Cruise
    Pokémon Stadium 1
    Distant Planet
    Frigate Orpheon
    Green Hill Zone
    Jungle Japes
    Luigi's Mansion
    Pirate Ship
    Pokémon Stadium 2
    Rainbow Cruise
    Yoshi's Island (Pipes)
    Green Greens
    Mario Circuit
    Port Town Aero Dive

    Big Blue
    Bridge of Eldin
    Flat Zone 2
    Hyrule Temple
    Mario Bros.
    Mushroomy Kingdom I
    Mushroomy Kingdom II
    New Pork City
    Rumble Falls
    Shadow Moses
    Spear Pillar
    The Summit
    Wario Ware

    An additional rule I suggest for the Brawl League: For each ladder challenge, each player may ban up to 2 counter-pick stages before the set begins.

    Also, there should be a limit to how many times 2 people can challenge each other consecutively (I suggest a limit of once per month). That would solve several potential problems, and keep us playing many different people.

    So let me know what you guys think. I think this would make the Brawl League more fun, fair, and it would also clear up confusion. If anyone has problems with specific stage placements in the list, just say so and we can vote on it. Please post your opinion (this isn't official yet, i'm just suggesting it). I want to stress that I didn't make this list, it was painstakingly decided in a 248-page+ year-old thread on Smashboards by many, many players (but of course we can make changes to it for WiiChat).
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