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The Challenge League

Discussion in 'Smash Brothers' started by kingslayer, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. kingslayer

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    Mar 3, 2009
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    This is a league where people get points for winning certain challenges. Points are based on the skill level of the challenge and what rank you finish at. Each week there will be three challenges; one hard, medium, and easy.

    The challenges are made up, by me, or can be suggested by other players (through PM).

    There will be a high scores which will be updated as each task is completed.

    I will not be participating in the league, per say, but I will do each challenge and use it as a standard for other players. If anyone would like to see a replay of one of my completed challenges just PM me.

    Each person will send there final (one entry per player, per challenge) replay to me and I will hold the information until the challenge is over.

    You are allowed to participate in all three skills levels each week.

    Points are assigned like this:
    1st Place - 3 points
    2nd Place - 2 points
    3rd Place - 1 point

    1st Place - 5 points
    2nd Place - 3 points
    3rd Place - 1 point

    1st Place - 8 points
    2nd Place - 5 points
    3rd Place - 3 points

    I will start the first three challenges once I have enough people who've joined.

    Challenge #1: Pikachu's Lvl. 5 Target Smash
    Rules: You can only use Pikachu's Down B and the beam sword. Quick Attack (Up B) is allowed, but cannot be used to smash a target. Must smash all of the targets.
    How to Win: Quickest time wins.
    Level: Easy
    Start Time: Pending

    Challenge #2: Beat a Lvl. 9 CPU (Wario, Toon Link, or Pikachu)
    Rules: You cannot shield or dodge. Time limit of 3 minutes. You must get at least a +1 total. You can choose any character. The Lvl. 9 CPU must be one of the three given above.
    How to Win: The highest total wins.
    Level: Medium
    Start Time: Pending

    Challenge #3: Play Cruel Brawl using Jigglypuff
    Rules: You must use Jigglypuff. You must get at least 2 kills.
    How to Win: Highest kill total wins.
    Level: Hard
    Start Time: Pending

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