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Cannot Share Connection

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Online' started by HilDuffFn1, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. HilDuffFn1

    HilDuffFn1 WiiChat Member

    Jan 1, 2008
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    so i bought a wifi usb connector and installed it. it installed perfectly and the wifi thing popped up down by the clock. but when i tried to connect the wii to it, the connection test failed. i looked up the error code and it said that the problem could be 2 things: a) there is a firewall blocking it or b) i needed to troubleshoot it. so knowing that i have no firewalls, i followed the step by step instructions to uninstall the device. and after restarting my computer i tried to install it again, but during the installation process, when it's trying to find the connection, it stops and says that it cannot share the connection. and disables the installation. does anyone know what to do or has previously solved this problem? thank you so much!
  2. WiiWouldLike2Play

    WiiWouldLike2Play CU Guild For Life! :DDD

    Dec 17, 2006
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    Clearwater, Florida
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    What are you running on? XP? I think this happened to me once.. But I forgot how to fix it.. Hmm..
  3. HilDuffFn1

    HilDuffFn1 WiiChat Member

    Jan 1, 2008
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    ya i have windows xp
  4. Gamejunkie

    Gamejunkie Avid Gamer

    Nov 30, 2007
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    Wii Friend Code: 8160-0850-5113-5260
    IP configuration...

    Man I had the same problem, you have to change the IP of your wifi connector to subnet mask do it in your network connection settings, I thought it was odd too that it had to be manually configured...

    It took me more than 5 hours to figure it all out (esp since Im a tech newb)

    I hope this helps!!!

    Installation Help for the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector

    Before Beginning:
    The information on this page can be used for troubleshooting the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector installation process.

    Important Notes:

    Note: If you are using Windows Vista, you must install ver 1.06 or higher of the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector. Click here for more information and to download.

    If you received the "Grant Permissions" screen of the installation tool, then the installation was successful. If your installation was successful and you are able to connect your Wii console, but are not able to stay connected or are receiving an error code, please click here.

    If during the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector installation process you are unable to get to the "Grant Permissions" screen, then the following troubleshooting on this page may help get the installation completed. The steps below are performed on your PC, or if/when necessary, your router.

    Note: If you have a network setup where one computer with a modem is being used by other computers to access the internet, the USB connector should be installed on the computer with the modem.

    Does the Setup CD automatically start when you insert it into your computer?

    If the Setup CD does not automatically start up when inserted, the Autorun feature of your computer may not be enabled. If the set up window doesn't appear, on your computer, click the "Start" button, choose "Run," and then click the "Browse" button. Click on the CD drive the Setup CD is in and locate the Setup.EXE file. Double-click this file to begin the installation process.

    Ensure that you have rights to install software on the computer
    Windows XP or Windows Vista* only allows users who are granted "Admin" rights in their profiles to install software. This includes the software necessary to install the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector. To determine if the profile you are using has "Admin" rights:
    Click the Start Button and select the Control Panel.
    Select "User Accounts."
    A list of all User Accounts are displayed. Users listed as "Administration" level are able to install software.
    If the profile you are using does not have these rights, you will not be able to install the required software. Please contact an individual with "Administrator" settings for assistance.
    *In order to work with Windows Vista, you must have version 1.06 or higher of the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector software. Click here to download the latest version.

    Make sure you have the most current install software
    Click here to check our Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector software downloads page. Upgrading to the most current software may solve some installation and connection issues. (Note: if you already have Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector software installed, be sure to uninstall and reboot your computer before installing another version.)

    Check to see if there might be an IP Address conflict between the router and the USB connector:

    Verify your Default Gateway IP on your computer:
    Click the Start button
    Click "Run."
    Type CMD and click Ok.
    The Command Prompt (small box with a black background) will appear. After c:\> type IPCONFIG/ALL and press Enter. Your Default Gateway IP will now be displayed.

    If the Default Gateway displayed is either or, you will need to find the IP Address in you router's settings and change it to

    Important! If you have any other devices that utilize the router, you will need to update the IP Address on each of these to match the one you entered on the router.

    If the IP Address needed to be changed, power down your computer and, if you have not already done so, disconnect the USB connector. Being sure to leave the connector disconnected, power on the computer and go through the installation process again.

    If the IP Address does not need to be changed, or if the installation fails, please keep reading.

    Check Local Area Connections to determine what the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) options are set to.
    Which option is correct will depend on how you have your computer set up.

    Unless indicated otherwise, make sure the USB connector is connected to the computer throughout these steps.
    To perform the following steps, you will need to access your computer's Local Area Connection screen. To do this, click the Start button, select Control Panel and click on the Network Connections option.

    Adjust the ICS options as needed:

    If one Local Area Network is listed on the Local Area Connection screen, other than the USB Connector:

    Right click on that connection, select Properties, and then the Advanced tab.
    If the ICS options are enabled, uncheck all boxes under the ICS area to disable them.
    If the ICS options are disabled, check all boxes under the ICS area to enable them.|

    If two or more Local Area Networks are listed on the Local Area Connection screen, other than the USB Connector:

    Right click on the "Network Card," select Properties, and then the Advanced tab.
    Uncheck all boxes under the ICS area to disable them. (If you are getting an Internet Connection Sharing error, the ICS settings were most likely enabled (checked).)

    Uninstall the USB connector through the Device Manager.

    Make sure you have the USB Connector plugged into your computer.
    Click the Start button and select Control Panel.
    Click "System" and select the "Hardware" tab. Choose "Device Manager."
    Next to "Network Adapters," click the "+" to expand the list.
    If the Nintendo USB Connector is in the list, right-click it and choose "Uninstall."

    Perform the DEVREMOV process.
    Make sure you have the USB Connector plugged into your computer.
    On your computer, click on the "My Computer" icon (found in the Start menu or sometimes on the desktop), and right click on your CD drive containing the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection Installation CD, and choose 'Explore.'
    Open "NintendoWFCReg/SoftAP." Within there, double-click the DEVREMOV.exe application.
    During the course of running the DEVREMOV program, you will see three windows pop up successively.

    The first will have a series of question marks. Click "Yes."
    The second will have a picture of wires and lights moving on it while the DEVREMOV utility uninstalls the internet connection sharing for the Nintendo Wi-FI USB Connector. This will disappear on its own.
    The third will also have several question marks on it. Just click "Ok."
    At this point, remove the USB connector from your computer.

    Check the "Programs" list and, if the "Uninstall" option for the connector is there, run this process.

    Click the Start button , and select "Programs."
    If the Nintendo USB Wi-Fi Connector is listed, click on the "Uninstall" program to remove it.

    Check Add/Remove Software on the computer and, if listed, remove the USB connector.

    Click the Start button, and select Control Panel.
    Open "Add/Remove Programs."
    If listed, select the Nintendo Wi-Fi connector from the list, and click "Remove."
    Follow the prompts to uninstall the program.

    Remove the installation CD, power down your computer, and disconnect the USB connector if it is still connected. Being sure to leave the connector disconnected, power on the computer.

    Once the computer is on, plug the connector into the USB port.
    If Windows does not detect the connector as a new device and prompt you to install it, all components have not been removed from the computer. Complete steps 2 through 5 again.
    If Windows does detect the connector as a new device, remove the connector from the USB port and go through the installation process again.

    If the installation is still unsuccessful:
    There are likely settings on your computer that are making it incompatible with the installation program. Please call 1-800-255-3700 to discuss additional options.
  5. Hipopot

    Hipopot WiiChat Member

    Sep 8, 2007
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    Wii Friend Code: 6984-7121-8779-2375
    u shouldh ave windows xp, and try to use the extension cable, or put it on a usb hub, maybe that will help u =)
  6. HilDuffFn1

    HilDuffFn1 WiiChat Member

    Jan 1, 2008
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    where do i enter that?
  7. samXcor3

    samXcor3 the best kid!

    Oct 2, 2007
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    Wii Friend Code: 3732-3369-2853-4491
    Before you enter manual IP addresses, go to Control Panel and network settings or something, and look for the USB Dongle. in network settings you should see your LAN (Your cable/regular 'net connection) and the USB Dongle. Right click your LAN connection and go to properties, then i think in the advanced tab, make sure internet sharing is set to ON (box checked i think). Then try to get it to work. if that doesnt work to get to the manual IP settings you need to do this:

    Go to the USB connector (in network settings)
    right click
    go to properties
    then look for something that says IP config or something
    if you get that enter the numbers the guy told you to,
    Then make sure it's gateway is set to your COMPUTER'S IP, which you can find by selecting run from the start menu and type cmd.
    in the cmd box type ipconfig/all and you will see your LAN connection with IP address
    enter this for the gateway setting on your USB dongle. Also make sure you use the DNS server numbers listed here too.

    On your Wii, make sure your wii's IP address is set to, OR ten more than anything you set it (ex if you set the USB dongle to {which you shouldnt anyway} then set the wii's ip to

    After you do all that, it should work. Also make sure to enter on the wii in the same place it is for the dongle.

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