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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Review

Discussion in 'Nintendo DS' started by RivalDestiny, Jul 18, 2007.

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    This will be my 7th game reviewed, 6 of which are DS games.
    Today I'll be reviewing a very good game called Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.

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    The First Castlevania on the DS, A Success?

    The gameplay is very easy to follow. Simply move right and left with the d-pad and down to duck. It doesn't use the stylus that much, but the use of the double screen is awesome. On the top you will have the map and on the bottom is where everything goes on. Why is important? Well you will need the map, the castle is huge and navigating through it will be hard without it. You have your normal HP and MP bars. The X,Y,A, and B buttons can also be used for hitting, spells, and jumping. Like in any normal RPG, whenever you defeat a monster you gain both EXP and Money. The EXP is used for leveling up and the money is used for buying new armor, weapons, spells, summonings, and acessories. There will be save points and transporters along the way. Save points will make both your HP and MP bar full while transporters like you transport to different places. Some levels though require you to use your stylus, like to break ice to get through. As you go along it'll get harder. Bosses are more harder to kill and monsters become more challenging. Gameplay for this game is amazing, it's up there on the top 5 DS games.

    Hah! Wouldn't you want this weapon?

    I can't really much about the story, since one..i don't really pay attention and two I didn't finish the game yet. But you'll encounter many different people in the game, both allies and enemies. 2 of which are running to be the castle's vampire/dracula or however you want to call it. Some bosses don't really matter that much and just come in randomly...

    The music selection in this game in my opinion is good, I've played many games on the DS and this one would be one of the best. Spooky soundtracks and themes for bosses would keep you in the game more often then not. On the other hand, sound effects are a little bland, it doesn't really catch your attention, but that doesn't really matter

    Graphics are very good. Nice 2-D effects along with great character designs. There aren't many 3-D, but 2-D is the way to go in my opinion...again i'm no big graphic of a guy, so i won't go in depth.

    Come here...don't be afraid of the huge monster that's going to kill you

    If you wanna play a RPG over again, I'd suggest to pick this one. Playing it over is very fun. There are many hidden things in the castle that you never even known about, which you'd like to find out. Also there are multiple endings that would want you to keep playing.

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    PM me with any comments, questions, or suggestions.
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