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Console Supremacy: What will happen with the Wii?

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Chat' started by COLDshiver, Oct 29, 2006.

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    Sep 14, 2006
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    On November 19, all three next gen consoles will be out and later we will all see who will be the winner. So i've come up with that could happen and state my opinion from what i've seen and read. There will basically be 4 paths the Wii can go:
    Scenerio 1: Wii win
    This is to the best of our interest and so 360 or the PS3 will be eating our dust. Not that they aren't dominant systems themselves, i love my 360 and hope it'll last a few years.
    Pros: very obvious good things. companies will take notice, more big companies will join in and make games for the Wii, especially since it is targeted towrds and has a huge audience. This will be a clear message to both Microsoft and Sony: Try to make a new inventive way to play games. I think that the traditional controllers will be long gone if the Wii becomes very successful. Also, Nintendo will obviously take this as a compliment and make more inventive controls and such to please the audience (ex. the rumored helmet/brain)
    Cons: I can't really find many cons but here's an extreme con: The Wii will also send another message to Microsoft and Sony: gameplay > graphics. Not saying that it will happen, but there is a chance the companies might take it that way. Maybe, just maybe, the PS4 or Xbox3 will have some amazing controllers and gameplay but the graphics won't be superb. I doubt it will happen, but it could.

    Scenerio 2: Wii is #2, doesn't win nor lose
    Imo, this is still a great spot for Nintendo to be but it means that it could do better. Either PS3 loses and something bad happens or wins a victory.
    Pros: Not a bad situation for the Wii but not the best. It at least didn't fail and Nintendo will probably improve and learn from what happenned. What will probably happen if Wii becomes #2, it'll be a common system with few people saying, "Wtf is a Wii??". Yes, i currently do hear so many people say that in my town. So i think the Nintendo will take this as a victory in itself because they didn't lose and the world successfully vetted the Wii.
    Cons: If the PS3 wins, don't know what will happen. They already have a limited number so for those hardcore sony fans who didn't get a PS3 will wait several months or more. Not good for Nintendo, who's been trying to take on both the 360 and PS3 head on with the Wiimote and tiny console. Probably Wii online, you won't see swarms of servers and stuff but will still see them.

    Scenerio 3: Wii lose
    As much as we don't want this to happen (and least likely), there is a possibility the 360 tanks through, along with PS3, and the Wii just lags behind very much like the GC (with xbox and ps2 reigning supreme). Maybe the Wii loses because there just aren't enough people getting the Wii or that some huge problem occurs and people don't want to get it because of that.
    Pros: Well, I really can't see any pros but Nintendo could learn from this and so next next gen-consoles will have the traditional controllers with joysticks.
    Cons: If the Wii has some sort of huge problem, this will cause a huge problem. You and I will have to return our Wiis so Nintendo could send us a replacement. Dunno, but let's pray that it won't ever happen. This will also tell companies and Nintendo that new controls aren't the way to go so probably for the next few consoles that come out, they will have the traditional controllers and just have more addons and better graphics. Doesn't look so bright.

    Scenerio 4: Don't know if Wii win or not
    This could be a funny problem: The success of the consoles are all pretty good so there's not really a clear cut winner. It's a win-win situation. Sony gets all it's graphics hungry customers and Wii get their huge audience and the 360 hits it's 10 million mark next year. (or the 360 lags behind and the ps3 and wii dominate)
    Pros: This is in no way a bad situation for both Nintendo and Sony, maybe even Microsoft. Other pros will probably be as if Wii wins (scenerio 1)
    Cons: Well, Wii didn't beat the PS3 and there will be debates on forums and in RL about wether if Wii or PS3 won. And of course, both sides will be stubborn and say that their side won (and those who try to tell them that they both won :lol:)
    With all this hype and demand and supply, i think that the Wii will most likely be #1 or at least #2. But if there was some detrimental mistake in the hardware and needed to be replaced, i don't thik it'll fare so well for Nintendo and Wii might lose this round of Next-gen. And maybe, just maybe, because of all the hype for the Wii and the huge demand for the PS3, both might win and it'll be a happy world. What do you think?

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