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gamer parties

Discussion in 'Playstation Consoles' started by ZedsDead00, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. ZedsDead00

    ZedsDead00 WiiChat Member

    Dec 3, 2009
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    Gamer Survey

    A group of UCLA marketing students have created a survey to find out what video gamers want to see at gaming events, for example game launch parties, mobile tours or midnight retail store event. The purpose of this study is to scientifically validate some theories regarding gamers. This study is for educational purposes only and data will not be shared with companies. This survey consists of 30 questions. Thank you.

    First Name_____________________________


    City/State __________________________



    PART A

    • For each of the following systems, we’d like you to tell us which one you own and which you’ve played games on in the last 6 months. You may have played games on a system you don’t own (i.e. at a friend’s, borrowed/rented a different system, etc) so please tell us that

    OWN Played on in the
    last 6 months
    PC _____ _____
    Playstation 2 _____ _____
    Playstation 3 _____ _____
    Xbox _____ _____
    Xbox 360 _____ _____
    Game Cube _____ _____
    GameBoy Advance/SP _____ _____
    Sony PSP _____ _____
    Nintendo DS _____ _____
    Nintendo DS Lite _____ _____
    Nintendo Wii _____ _____
    Cell Phone _____ _____

    • Please estimate the number of hours per week you:
    _____ Play PC based video games
    _____ Play console video games (eg. Playstation, Xbox,
    _____ Play on handheld gaming devices (Nintendo DS,
    GameBoy, Sony PSP)
    _____ Play on your cell phone, Ipod, Itouch

    • During an average week, how many hours will you spend playing video games?
    _____ < 1 hour
    _____ 1-3 hours
    _____ 3-5 hours
    _____ 5-7 hours
    _____ 7-9 hours
    _____ > 9 hours
    _____ Other, please specify: _____________________________________________

    • How would you rate your gaming skills?
    _____ Beginner
    _____ Intermediate
    _____ Advanced
    _____ Expert

    • What are your favorite gaming genres? (Check all that apply)
    _____ Platform (Mario 64)
    _____ Driving (Grand Tourismo)
    _____ Puzzle (Tetris, Jeopardy)
    _____ Role Playing Games / Adventure (Diablo, Final
    _____ Strategy (Warcraft)
    _____ Fighting (Mortal Kombat, WWE Smackdown)
    _____ First Person Shooter (Halo)
    _____ Survival / Horror (Resident Evil, Silent Hill)
    _____ Sports
    _____ Music Games (Rock Band, Dance Dance
    _____ Other, please explain: ___________________________________________

    • On average, how many new games do you purchase per year?

    • How many pre-owned games do you purchase per year?_____

    • How much are you willing to spend on a new game? (Please enter a dollar amount)

    • Do you download demos before you purchase the games?
    _____ No

    • Do you rent games before you purchase them?
    _____ Yes
    _____ No

    • How many video games do you own?
    _____ 1
    _____ Less than 5
    _____ 10 or more
    _____ 20 or more
    _____ 40 or more

    • How soon do you purchase a game after it is released?
    _____ Pre-sale
    _____ The day it is released
    _____ Within the week that it is released
    _____ 1 month within its release
    _____ 6 months after it is released
    _____ I buy it used
    _____ I don’t buy, I rent

    • Compared to five years ago:
    _____ I play video games more frequently now
    _____ I play video games less frequently now
    _____ There has been little change in the frequency of my
    video game playing

    • Please list the five games you have the most experience with within the last 3 years:

    • How do you feel when you play a video game? Rate each answer from 1 to 5, 1 – strongly disagree, 2 – disagree, 3 – neutral, 4 – agree, 5 – strongly agree
    _____ I want to become powerful
    _____ I want to optimize my game strategy
    _____ I like to compete with other players
    _____ I like to get to know other players
    _____The friendships I have with fellow in-game players are
    as good or better
    than the friendships I have in real life
    _____ I enjoying working with others in a group
    _____ I want to accumulate resources, items, or money
    _____ I want to know as much about the game mechanics
    as possible
    _____ I want to be the best in an area of the game
    _____ I help other players
    _____ I talk about personal issues with other players
    _____ It is not important to be independent in the game
    _____ I enjoy exploring the game world
    _____ I try out new roles and personalities in a game
    _____ I spend a lot of time customizing my character
    _____ I play games as a form of
    _____ I like to find quests, locations, or non-player
    characters that other players
    do not know of
    _____ I make up stories and histories for my character
    _____ I want my character to look outstanding
    _____ I stop thinking about real life problems and worries
    when I play games

    • How much do each of the following factors influence your game purchasing decisions?
    Rate each answer from 1 to 5, 1 – strongly disagree, 2 – disagree, 3 – neutral, 4 – agree, 5 – strongly agree
    _____ Online reviews on gaming websites, industry-related
    sites and blogs
    _____ Advertising: Internet, Print, TV
    _____ Word of mouth
    _____ Downloading the game
    _____ Marketing events: Launch parties
    _____ Renting the game
    _____ I purchase the game based solely on the reputation of the game publisher
    _____ Developer Websites
    _____ I don’t care about anyone’s opinion but my own

    • Name 3 gaming companies you consider leaders in the industry.

    • Are you part of any gaming community sites?
    _____ No

    If yes please list sites:
    A. ______________________________________
    B. ______________________________________

    19. Have you ever attended a gaming convention?
    _____ San Diego Comic-Con
    _____ NY Comic-Con
    _____ Penny Arcade Expo
    _____ E3
    _____ Gen-Con

    Part B

    • If you were to attend a gaming event or party, how would you rank these in order of importance? Rate each answer from 1 to 5, 1 – strongly unimportant, 2 – not important, 3 – neutral, 4 – somewhat important, 5 – extremely important
    _____ Door Prizes and Giveaways
    _____ Celebrities
    _____ Industry VIPs, Game Developers, Game Publishers Q & A sessions
    _____ Music / Entertainment
    _____ Competitions (i.e. Live Tournaments)
    _____ Exclusive Game News, Demos and trailers, “how
    to” sessions
    _____ Car Parking
    _____ Socializing with other gamers
    _____ Costume Contest
    _____ Brain challenges like a game trivia challenge, scavenger hunt
    _____ Catering
    _____ Bar
    _____ PC Freeplay
    _____ Console Freeplay
    _____ Other, please specify: _____________________________________________

    • Would celebrities attending the event motivate you to go to a gaming party?
    _____ Yes
    _____ No

    • Would industry VIPs (game developers or publishers) attending an event motivate you to go to gaming party?
    _____ Yes
    _____ No

    • While at the event, which of the following competitions would you consider entering? (Check all that apply)
    _____ High score challenges
    _____ Fighting Game Tournament
    _____ Multiplayer Battles
    _____ Sports Tournament
    _____ First Person Shooter Deathmatch

    • Do you prefer a morning, afternoon or evening event?
    _____ Morning
    _____ Afternoon
    _____ Evening

    • Would you be willing to fill out a brief survey during the event, in order to improve the quality of future gaming events?
    _____ Yes
    _____ No

    • Would you like game merchandise to made available for purchase? (ex. Video Game, t-shirts, hats, etc)
    _____ Yes
    _____ No

    • If there was a pre-event contest that would help create buzz for the gaming event and the game in general, would you participate in the contest?
    _____ Yes
    _____ No

    • What’s the best way to receive information about an event?
    _____ Facebook
    _____ Twitter
    _____ Email
    _____ Direct mail Invitation

    • Do you think it’s important for gaming companies to keep in touch with consumers?
    _____ Yes
    _____ No

    27A. If yes, how often should a company contact their
    _____ Whenever there is a software update or breaking news regarding their game
    _____ Once a month
    _____ Every six months
    _____ Once a year

    • If you could design the perfect gaming party experience, what it would look like, what type of activities would be planned, who would attend, etc?

    Thank you for your participation!
  2. spyro king

    spyro king live:OverlordClord

    Aug 21, 2009
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    great more spam
  3. Shadow*91

    Shadow*91 Not Here

    Jan 26, 2009
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    Another site.
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    its not exactly spam. but it'd be better if he would provide a link to where to fill out the survey.
  4. spyro king

    spyro king live:OverlordClord

    Aug 21, 2009
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    oh..its kinda in the wrong forum though
  5. n4kid

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    Oct 30, 2009
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    United Kingdom
    Wow... Now that is what I call long.
  6. SensesFail

    SensesFail WiiChat Member

    May 6, 2007
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    is anybody actually going to do this? i'm not.... lol

    they will probably draw some bullshit negative conclusions about video games from it.

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