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GH3 review from a GH newb

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Gaming' started by legbuh, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. legbuh

    legbuh WiiChat Member

    Apr 11, 2007
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    Well, every time I walked into Sam's club I saw kids playing GHII and it looked awesome. So I told my wife I wanted GHIII for my Bday... I think she's regretting it now. I grew up with hair metal in the 80s... so the music was already a plus.

    The first day I spent a couple hours with it and went through easy mode.. I've never played GH before, so I figured I'd start there. Wasn't that bad. Playing drums through elementary and high school as well as violin seems to have helped... (rythem wise)

    The next level was way more difficult. I'm going to need practice. But, I've picked my fav songs already.

    So, career and quick mode seem pretty cool. I have a long way to go to become an expert, but it's just as fun in easy mode for me now.

    Online, that's another story. Wow. I'm hooked.

    You can go online with friends, or start or join games online including coop, duel, etc. It's great! You choose options like skill level, ranked, etc and look for games. There's almost always one there. The random online games is reallyi fun if your buddies are babysitting or eating supper.

    One thing I found was if you dont find one, leave the screen on "failed" and one will normallly join even after it failed to find one. Kinda weird, but cool. give it 20 seconds or so after it says it didn't find a game and it may find one afterwards.

    So, once you have your butt handed to you with you on easy and your competitor on hard or harder, you mayfind yourself in a coop where you get to play either bass or guitar. Even that is fun! the "team aspect" of the coop is a fresh change from always trying to "win" or beat someone. You may find yourself saying "that's ok.. get back on track dude!" or something...

    One thing missing from online is chat. It would be way better if you could have headsets and talk. But, I suppose that also keeps the trashtalk down. But after a good coop you may want to add certain people to your buddy list.... that would be a good option too.

    The duels with the "weapons" were fun, but what I found funner was the points battles. You both play all or part of the song and its all about points. For the most part I found there must be secrets (like with star power) that I don't know, but when you get someone about your level it's a blast! It's a challenge to hit every note perfectly, get star power, etc.

    MX Unleashed for xbox used to be my all time fav game. so far I've had this for 1.5 days and GH3 is easily way better and more fun. The online gameplay is so awesome and you can tell this is a game that will take time to master (unless you've played the other 2 before and know all the tricks)

    But, for all you newbs out there wondering if 90 bucks is worth it... if you like music, like to "air guitar" and like 80s, 90s and current metal/rock, you will love this game!

    anyhow, this incoherent review is now concluded. wish I could have done it sober, but GHIII was too fun tonight.

    PS. alcohol does NOT help your playing (or your review writing)... lol!

    PPS. I got my wiimote to fit find with the glove on. Its snug, but it fits. And the color makes it looks pretty cool.
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  2. johnny_rocket2210

    johnny_rocket2210 WiiChat Member

    Dec 20, 2006
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    Edmonton Alberta
    Glad to know im not the only newbie to this game. Im a die hard nintendo fan. Got the original nintendo for christmas when I was 10 and have had every incarnation of nintendo ever since. So Ive never really been exposed to games like this before. After playing it for only a day I have to say I am hooked! But man was this game this tough for all you people who played GH1 when it first came out? Easy mode isnt too bad but if I even attempt anything other than easy Im toast. I know youre gonna say it takes time right. But I used to play the guitar so I guess I kinda thought this game would be easier for me than it is. I was wrong. Any tips for a GH newbie?
  3. WolfpacSnakepit

    WolfpacSnakepit snoogins

    Dec 2, 2006
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    Brisbane, Australia
    Wii Friend Code: 7300-6469-2862-5349
    hey thanks for that legbuh. I havent played a GH yet as I have only ever had nintendo systems and i cant wait til this is released in Australia (next wednesday!!!).
    I love 80's rock... my fav band of all time is Guns n' Roses and Slash is my hero (ive got everything Slash-related - even two tattoos!) so you can only imagine my excitement when I learned that Slash would be in GH3 - the first GH for a Nintendo console! WOOHOO!
    Can't wait to play it! Cheers for the review, got me even more excited!

    ROCK ON! :D
  4. tank

    tank Semper Ubi Sub Ubi

    Nov 26, 2006
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    Pittsburgh, PA
    awesome. thanks for taking the time to contribute.

    3 of my buds from my dorm floor got it for 360 and the song selection is just flat out awesome. I'll be getting my own copy for Wii soon. Can't wait for the online.
  5. mark84

    mark84 WiiChat Member

    May 19, 2007
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    wow it sounds great,I love the song line up, so I might invest. Thanks for the review!
  6. Mikeo22

    Mikeo22 WiiChat Member

    Oct 29, 2007
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    hey poster could you post your number,

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