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help with pearl team

Discussion in 'Pokemon' started by Jafoob, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. Jafoob

    Jafoob Metroid & sonic freak

    Oct 8, 2007
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    Wii Friend Code: 8908-9241-0831-2149
    i just got it today, but i know my pokemanz.

    im going to have an
    electric type (pacuritsu maybe, or richu)
    in need of a ground type, and something else, help a fellow guy out please?

    OH and BTW, im looking for pokemon i can get early, i just started remember?
  2. Strype McClaine

    Strype McClaine Harder Core than You.

    Jun 17, 2007
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    Tennessee, USA
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    Luxray (shinx is the baby form), is pritty damned good for the game, just about all the way through, getting his baby form is a massive blessing. He looses his power after the elite four due to his depressing move pool (his best moves are all aprox 65 power, but he has a great attk stat...you have to breed to get the elemental bites, however, Spark, Bite/Crunch, roar, charge, is a great move set in the game. (possibly strength for the HM or return if you feel like wasting a good TM but you can get more of it, instead of charge). One charge doubles the spark's dammage, and boosts his s.def...thats pritty good in game, a few turns of Charge->Spark and his S.def will bring him to near wall status

    When you get to the cycleing road take the time to find the hidden entrance to the caves below and get a gibble. yes, it turns into the brokenly powerfull garchomp. but, for the main game, its something I wish i had in the begining. I ended up the old playthrough standby of utility golem. Garchomp has no truely depressing stat. They are ALL GOOD...its strong, its fast, its mean.

    Rapidash is good, but not as good as you would hope. It is the only other fire type, in the game, but you dont realy need it.

    Honchcrow...meh, up to you on that one. I got alot of ingame mileage out of noctowl. Since it was my put things to sleep dude, and it had the fly hm, so thats fairly utility
  3. Chicagoan

    Chicagoan Official Breeder.

    Mar 16, 2007
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    Some changes you must do...


    Empoleon (you already have, it's a good one)
    Hontchcrow (Has a sweet combo, keep him too)
    Rapidash (Mmmm... maybe nice... But the Magmotar guy is better)
    Electric Type... Get the horrible eyed Luxray. I hate his yellow eyes (on Colosseum) But it's a tough guy.
    For ground... If you want a tank get a Bastiodon (Rock-Steel) Use it well however, she has some strong weaknesses, but she's strong against several types and has insane defense.
    I would go as last for a ghost pokemon. Gengar or Mismagus are good choices.

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