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How where your Retro and semi retro days? (detailed version)

Discussion in 'Retro Consoles' started by Alucard_Aricado, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Alucard_Aricado

    Alucard_Aricado Vlad's Son

    Dec 24, 2006
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    Lajas, Puerto Rico
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    My Retro and semi retro gaming days:


    NES: Got it when I was in kindergarden (Christmas) I got completly hooked (also my family) playing SMB lol. Sadly I was so naive that I didint asked for more games and I was stucked with SMB for a whole year. Until I started renting games on local videoclubs. TMNT, Ninja Gaiden, Werewolf, Ghost and goblins, River city ransom, Mega man and I discovered my favorite game franchise Castlevania :D. I mostly played alone all those years played multiplayer just a few games like SMB (duh), Super Dodge Ball, Jackal and a few others. I just loved side scroller platformers and I got totally obsessed with ninjas (thanks to NInja Gaiden) Also liked All the Ikari warriors games and Contra (of course). I rented games every Saturday and had a lot of fun. I didint bought many games I only had SMB, Rad Racer and Double Dragon III.

    SNES: When I got this (another christmas) I got it with Street Fighter 2 Turbo and then the era of my house been a mini arcade started. All my neighboors (kids like I was) came to my house to play any multiplayer game I had. (Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Killer Insinct, Clay Fighters even rise of the robots) Also (Super Mario Kart, Zombies ate my neighboors, DD and battletoads, Lamborghini challenge, Susuka 24 hours) and also may sports games that I like rented each week (NBA Jam anyone? lol) I really enjoyed making custom players on baseball games, making entire teams and playing against one another. On 1 player games we used to team up to pass those (like zelda, mystic quest, cybernator etc) I rented a ton of games and had a lot of games bought too (going to kaybee toys to buy -$20 games was so cool on those days :D) I played rpgs for the first time there

    Semi Retro:

    Sega Saturn: This console was one of the coolest (and most underated) of all. Even though I could not rent game for this one (videoclubs didint sponsored) I bought a lot of good games (had like 35) some videoclubs just sold all their saturn rental games half way trough the console life span so I just went and got many games at very low prices. I also had jewels like Shinning Force 3, Panzer Dragoon, (game and rpg), Astal, Shinning in the holy ark, Enemy Zero, Albert's Odyssey and others. I regret deeply selling most of my saturn collection since now I want to play those. On those times friends did not come home to play games so often si I found myself playing mostly solo again. Even though the solo playing sessions I had a great experience with the Saturn.

    Play Station: One of the best consoles that has ever been made console in which I played many games (mostly rpgs) and some sports games. This is the console that gave birth to the best rpg ever Final Fantasy VII and the best Castlevania (Symphony of the Night). Also it was a time where I played weird stuff like King's field, defcon 5 and the first time I tried a resident evil title

    Nintendo 64: It was a short time with the console but it was good. Golden eye, Jet force jemini, armorines, castlevania 64, pokemon stadium and snap, Mario kart 64, Zelda ocarina of time it was another good solo playing (even though the golden eye and mario kart 64 multiplayer sessions were soo nice)

    Dreamcast: A golden era in my life as a gamer. It was my hope that Sega would come out of the ashes but it didnt lasted long. Even though that, the experience was one of the best I ever had. From Sonic Adventure to Skyes of Arcadia I felt very happy playing. Marvel vs Capcom multiplayer sessions as well as Quake 3 arena (both online an offline) and how to forget Phantasy Star Online (I now play Phantasy Star Universe too :D). The DC was my first experience on the Internet since I had no PC by that time, the crappy browser was all I had but it was nice for its time. Those were my high school days of punk rock, hanguing out and Dreamcast.

    PlayStation 2: I had great moments with this console mostly with Rpg,survival horror and Tactical Spionage Action (Metal Gear) which seemed to be the only genres I played the most (and a few fighting games like Soul Calibur 2) I had many games and have many good experiences like the Meta Gear Solid 2 and 3, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X between others...

    After that My PS2 Died (after near 5 years of good gaming) and me lacking the money to buy another console remained stucked until now that I got the Wii and I'm beggining to have the same feeling of fun as I had with other consoles so I feel happ again...

    If you guys want you can share your gaming life history detailed or undetailed if you are feeling rather lazy to type it all...
  2. Napalmbrain

    Napalmbrain WiiChat Member

    May 15, 2006
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    Cardiff, Wales

    Mega Drive: I started out as a gamer with a Mega Drive, which came with Sonic the Hedgehog. I think I got it for Christmas back in 1991. I had quite a few games for it, including a few fondly remembered games such as Streets of Rage, Zombies Ate My Neighbours (or just Zombies, as it was called here), and the Sonic games. I had a few duds as well (including rather poor platformers based on the Terminator and Judge Dredd), but sometimes I sort of miss those halcyon days when games were more about gameplay than graphics. By the mid 90s I'd grown a bit tired of video games and pretty much lost interest in gaming. That was, until Christmas 1997...


    Playstation: Overall this is my favourite console, apart from the PS2 if you count backward compatibility. I got more games for it than I can remember, most of which were at lest fairly good. Like most people Final Fantasy VII was my first experience of RPGs (originally played on a friend's console), and was probably the first time I actually cared about a storyline in a game. I got a few more RPGs for the console, my favourites being Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy VI (well, I actually only ever played this on a PS2), and Final Fantasy IX. Aside from RPGs, it also started my interest in action/adventure with Metal Gear Solid, Tenchu, and the Resident Evil games. Other faves from this console include GTA 1 and 2, Abe's Oddysee, Die Hard Trilogy and Tekken 3.

    Playstation 2: Got this about a year after release (yet another Christmas present), along with Tekken Tag Tournament. I still regularly using this console even after 5 years, although it's starting to get a bit knackered. Have a few more RPGs, some social games (e.g. Pro Evo Soccer 2) and I've continued to follow various franchises (still waiting for Final Fantasy XII).

    Xbox: In hindsight, not the wisest purchase ever, although there's a few gems that still aren't compatible with the 360, so I keep it ready to go. Sadly lacking in top notch games (and I say the Halo series is overrated), most games are only worth renting.

    Gamecube: I'll admit it, I didn't think much of Nintendo in the N64 era (I was never exactly a fanboy though- I've always found the idea of blindly supporting one company rather silly). Nonetheless I decided to take a risk and get a Gamecube. I never got many games for the Gamecube, but the ones I did made it worth it. Resident Evil 4 and the Metroid Prime games are among my favourite video games, and I've wasted many hours on the Zelda games (I have Wind Waker and the Collector's Edition disc).

    Not retro

    Xbox 360: Already a definite improvement over Xbox, definitely the console to have if you're into sandbox games like me.

    Wii: Jury's still out on this one. First time I've ever bought a console at launch, so far the only game really worth it is Twilight Princess. Thanks to the Virtual Console, I'm now enjoying those old retro games I never played before (as of today, I'm now a Castlevania fan :D), and I'm looking forward to downloading some of the fondly-remembered games I mentioned earlier as well. :)

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