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I am new with wii, please help me

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Chat' started by JoonKimDDS, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. JoonKimDDS

    JoonKimDDS WiiChat Member

    Dec 17, 2006
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    I just got a wii and have many questions.

    First of all, I have HDTV LCD.
    When I run wii, it shows everything in 16:9 which is good.
    but then when I run Gamecube games that doesn't support widescreen, it still shows as 16:9.
    So i manually changed the screen setting from full => normal using TV option.
    But then when i come back to wii menu, it stays the 4:3 instead of going back to 16:9. Is there anyway to make my wii or tv to memorize that I want wii with 16:9 and gamecube with 4:3 setting? I don't want to keep changing this. and I know that ps3 can memorize this so it changes the setting each time you play different game which is very convinient.

    Second of all, how should i turn off Gamecube games and go back to wii menu? I know that wii games can reset or go back to wii menu using wiimote but i don't know what to do with gamecube. Do I just randomly take out the disc? I think that's gonna make my wii go crazy because I know that I shouldn't just eject it when wii is running.

    Third of all, How do i connect to the internet? There is no place to put ethernet cable. Do i have to buy extra stuff? and how much does it cost?

    4th of all, how much is to download legend of zelda orcarina of time and super mario world? is it better to buy wii point card or using credit card through wii?

    Last of all, do you guys think wii update is important?
  2. ottoman

    ottoman Banned

    Dec 2, 2006
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    Wii Friend Code: 1156-6661-4692-6561
    first one: i think you would have to change it manually once again, i dont think the wii will remmeber.

    Second one: you have to turn the wii off unfortunatley, then turn it back on.

    Third one: get a wireless router, its the best way to go. most routers will work and its easy to connect. it wont cost much.

    Fourth: not too sure go to th Virtual console section here at wiichat

    hope i helped
  3. My god the Wii owns...

    Jan 5, 2007
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    1. I doubt there is any setting that will allow the Wii to "remember" what setting you want, sorry.

    2. You have to turn the Wii off by pressing the button on the console, then remove the game.

    3. Go into the Wii settings and look for internet. If any computer in your house is running off of wireless internet, your Wii will be able to do it too.

    4. Ocarina of Time: 1000 wii points=$10 Super Mario World: 800 points=$8.

    I think the Credit Card is easier; it's right at home and there's no taxes to deal with.

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