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Less Mess...

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Chat' started by Nemix, May 2, 2007.

  1. Nemix

    Nemix Frost-bitten

    Jul 14, 2006
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    read many threads on Gamecube controller and games on the Wii, i ordered a Wavebird controller off Ebay (still hasn't arrived yet).

    having second thought now, i really want to play Wind Waker amongst other gamecube games but Nintendo has made it very complicated for me to do so.

    I own 2 Wiimotes and 2 nunchuks and plan on getting 2 classic controllers as it fits the color and look of my system (for DBZ and future games). now if i add two Wavebird plus receivers and 1/2 gamecube memory cards = crazy mess...:eek:ut:

    the gamecube controller does have many advantages as it can play Gamecube games, some Wii games (so far all of them that support Classic Controller) and SD Gecko for Homebrew. but the downside is it makes the wii look more ugly and bulky with extras attached to it. come on 6 different peripheral (that's two Wavebird included) just for gaming not to mention a gun in the near future plus maybe a keyboard... less mess = less stress :incazzato:

    in the end i guess i'll have to live having missed Wind Waker and other great gamecube titles (+ SD Gecko). so when the Wavebird arrives guess i'm selling it.

    again this might change when the Wavebird arrives but as of now I think i've basically made up my mind...

  2. Skorp

    Skorp WiiChat Member

    Dec 17, 2006
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    Michigan, USA
    Wii Friend Code: 2652-0001-8231-6800
    So you're selling the wavebird because it'll make things look cluttered? I can somewhat understand but I it also kind of sounds obsessive compulsive to me. Are you going to get more enjoyment out of your wii looking nice or more enjoyment from playing Wind Waker? I don't see how you could choose the former, but thats just me. If it really bothers you that much then sell your wavebird to me for cheap. I won't mind cluttering up the top of my wii if I can sit on the couch instead of the floor in front of my TV :p

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