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My Wii filled itself up

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Hardware' started by jimm22, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. jimm22

    jimm22 WiiChat Member

    Sep 17, 2009
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    Michigan, USA
    Wii Friend Code: 1762-9966-7272-2671
    Sounds sexy, huh?

    So I wake up, and I see a flashing blue light. I think it's either my brother sending me a message full of gibberish or some kind of update. So I turn it on and I go to the message board. It's taking some time for the message to appear (for some reason, it always does).

    I wait and I wait...and then I get a message and it says (not verbatim) "Your Wii Message board is approaching it's data limits. Copy old data over to SD card?"

    So I hit yes..and it's been like 10 minutes and it's sill copying. What exactly is it copying? And why is my message board full, or almost full?! It's like.. it's one thing if you have to micromanage VC and WiiWare games. I can live with that and (partially) understand. But MESSAGES?! I don't even get a lot. The only thing that comes up on my message board is the daily gameplay thing--and I don't play with the Wii everyday.

    Has anyone else had this happen before? I'm usually in between with my feelings for the Wii. I don't think it's as great as some fanboys (I am a Nintendo fanboy) say, and I def don't think it's as bad as most people say. But this brings it to a whole new level. I never expected my Wii to get full of messages.. [​IMG]
  2. KCKAS

    KCKAS WiiChat Member

    Apr 12, 2009
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    Well then... thats new but if you want to check click on the calender and it will show you an envelope for each message thats stored. Hit the arrow to go back to each month. If you deleted messages it will not show.
    Do you have any pictures posted on the message board?
  3. real-o

    real-o WiiChat Member

    Jan 25, 2009
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    Final Destination
    Wii Friend Code: 4470-1422-8188-7606
    Does anyone else use your Wii? Maybe they send or receive a lot of messages. I get quite a few messages regarding received SSBB replay data and I have never seen that message. It's bound to happen with only 512MB of Wii system memory. But even so, most of them are pointless messages or just notifications, what difference does it make if you have to delete or move them? Very little IMO.

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