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Nintendo 3DS... MAKE IT GO AWAY

Discussion in 'Nintendo DS' started by BluRayPSP, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. BluRayPSP

    BluRayPSP TF2 Best Characters

    Jul 7, 2009
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    I find it quite funny that they are not going to move on to something new with
    the Nintendo DS. If it does not fit your hands and has 2 screens then they don't to mess with it... probably because it's an Ipad and it's way to damn big and greasy ah hell I wouldn't touch it either.

    My real point is that they released the Nintendo DSi XL like they released the Nintendo DSi... which was a 1 after the NDS lite. I'm not saying it's mistake, but
    I don't really understand their marketing sceem anymore. Nintendo Gamecube was just a game system and so was the Gameboy Advance. Now they introduce the Nintendo DS and then the Nintendo Wii Console which have done extrodinarly well. Then they went to hitting on the ladies with "hey fat whore try this Wii fit". Then they decided to reduce the fat the DS gained with the DS lite. But noticing the lack of Wii fit sold they felt that the Wii fit girls wanted to take pictures and listen to music while they hoola-hoop with the DSi. Fatter girls couldn't reach the buttons so they made an XL version now. And apparently now they're blind due to the lack of oxygen needed to stretch on the board so they are now thinking they can fix it with Nintendo 3DS.

    I think I'm now understanding the strategy... I have no clue what's going on.
  2. DBloke

    DBloke RIP and tea you say?
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    May 30, 2006
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    Its called "Making money" release one a year and there are loads of people that will buy each update.
    Apple are doing it a load with there iPhone and now iPad that is just like a bigger iPhone.
    The 3DS is a step forward as it dose something different (the 3D thing)
  3. raisinghelen

    raisinghelen WiiChat Member

    Mar 21, 2007
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    Ok I think i've deciphered what you was saying, which I believe is that you think they release too many variations of the DS each year. What on earth you are talking about when you say 'lack of Wii Fit sold' or 'fat girls wanting a DSi XL' is a mystery though, as Wii Fit has sold like crazy and the DSi XL has nothing to do with fat girls.

    Revisions to hardware isn't anything new. The SNES had a redesign when it was possible to cut down the size, in the same way the DS Lite was just a natural progression. Even with past handhelds there has been multiple versions, from the original Gameboy to GBC to GB Micro and then GBA to GBA SP. They were all natural progressions too.

    The DSi seems more of cash in, but it does give some added features like the 2 cameras, SD card slot and downloadable software. The DSi XL was a rather strange addition as it went the opposite way (they had released the smaller version first) but I think that it was probably just in response to people who wanted larger screens.

    So you could probably say that the DSi was actually a final chance for Nintendo to milk the last possible profits out of the DS system and the gap (time) between the DSi and 3DS isn't too big; so I could certainly understand if some people were a bit miffed that they'd just spent money on the DSi when the 3DS was just around the corner. I actually bought a DSi a few weeks ago, but I only had the view that it'd be for a 6 month stop gap while I wait for the 3DS. As soon as I get the 3DS the DSi will be handed off to the kids.

    The 3DS has next to nothing to do with the original DS though, other than the fact that it has dual screens, a touch screen and is backwards compatible for old DS games. Everything else in it will be new, like the 3D effect, greatly improved graphics, the slide pad 'joystick' and a more persistant online service. It is honestly more like the switch from PS1 to PS2 or GBC to GBA than being 'just another version of the DS'. The games in development already show that nobody is looking at the 3DS as just another handheld, they are looking at it a a real viable gaming platform alongside the actual consoles. So while it looks similar in shape and size as the DS it is a totally different beast when it comes to both hardware and software. Nintendo are probably only keeping the same form factor, layout and similar name so that it will have the existing brand recognition whilst also making it easier for existing DS owners to make the transition to the new machine.
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  4. kikae

    kikae Ancient Brawler

    Jan 29, 2009
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    i say the cake is a lie

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