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Question, please help!!!

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Online' started by HilDuffFn1, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. HilDuffFn1

    HilDuffFn1 WiiChat Member

    Jan 1, 2008
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    ok, so i have had my wii since the day it released and we are just now trying to connect to the internet. so can i connect with a LAN adaptor if i dont have a router and just a modem, and if i use a wifi usb connector, can i connect to the internet on the wii and the computer at the same time? thanx so much for your help!
  2. samXcor3

    samXcor3 the best kid!

    Oct 2, 2007
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    well you need the internet hooked up in your house first. With the LAN adapter I'm not sure if you can surf the net on your PC at the same time or not. Not sure.

    With the USB connector, you can do both at the same time.
  3. Joeyboy

    Joeyboy Wah Wah Wiiiiiii

    Dec 27, 2007
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    Wii Friend Code: 6949-5338-8901-1528
    i've learnt that if ur using the LAN adaptor, if u want to be able to surf d net at the same time, u need a router where u can have multiple internet connections running at d same time (networking). which means that if ur modem/router is only for 1 internet connection, u might have to buy a new one that will support multiple connections.

    I use the wifi stick and i find it to be really good (because its a straight plug-n-play device). but u have to have ur pc on all the time while using wii online, plus its recommended that u turn any firewalls off, and also u have to have Windows XP (it says so on the box itself, however i've heard ppl say they've made it work wid Vista somehow). i know its not advisable to surf the net without a firewall, but YEH, to answer ur question...u can surf d net and go online with Wii at d same time.

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