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Target Smash Help (If Needed)

Discussion in 'Smash Brothers' started by justinvwii, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. justinvwii

    justinvwii WiiChat Member

    Jan 19, 2011
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    This is to help anybody who may need it. Along with playing for fun, I've been working on accomplishing all challenges since getting my game back in December. The past couple days, I've been completing all levels of Target Smash with all characters and trying to beat the levels within certain times which I have done. This morning, I completed Level 1 in under 15 seconds using Toon Link. Tips: Run across and hit the first target. Small jump and hit the two targets. Quickly hit the next target above the wall and while falling, hit the next two. Then, jump on the platform and hit that target followed by pulling out a bomb and throwing it at the far away target. Next, make your way to the left and hit the target and once you hit it, immediately do a Jumping Spin Attack and you will reach the target that is at the top. I completed it in 14.48 seconds. Yesterday, I completed Level 5 in under 30 seconds using Meta Knight. Float up and hit the first target. While falling, fall to the left and hit the next target. Float to the top right and hit that target. Then, fall in between the two walls while hitting the target that is there. Then grab the sword and throw it to hit the two targets that are hard to reach. Then float up and use the Shuttle Loop to hit the target that is at the top and then move to the right and hit the target on the other side of the wall. Then quickly make it to the left to hit the target and float down and to the left to reach the final target. I believe I completed it in 29.28 seconds. I hope this helps anybody that hasn't been able to do it.

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