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The Elusive Kenji Eno Speaks!

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Gaming' started by castlezelda, Sep 25, 2009.

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    [​IMG]That's Mr Eno on the right, by the way.

    Legendary games industry figure hints at future Nintendo titles

    Back in the mid-90s, the games industry was lacking some of the colourful characters that you'll find today, but one man who certainly stood out was Kenji Eno, of Japanese developers Warp. Most well-known for his immersive adventure games Enemy Zero and D, as well as its ill-fated Dreamcast sequel D2, Mr Eno is a colourful character as renowned for his musicianship as his imaginative games.

    When Mr Eno appeared at the Nintendo Media Summit a few weeks ago, our man Tom Bowskill, along with Cubed3's Mike Mason and Adam Riley, managed to grab a chat with him about his upcoming WiiWare release You, Me and the Cubes, as well as any potential ideas he has for future games on the DS or Wii consoles.
    Nintendo Life: Did you find the Wii met your expectations when you first saw it - when you imagined how it would work and how you could use it?
    KE: Maybe there was a bit of a positive and negative feeling after having seen it. One positive aspect has to be about when thinking how difficult it must be to make such a controller, but I felt that the response was actually quite good!
    From some of the initial marketing that Nintendo sent out, perhaps some people over-estimated exactly what the control system could do. So for those people, maybe it wasn't quite the same as they expected. But that was just them, as I understood right from the start and had a clearer understanding, so I didn't have a problem like others.
    The rest of the interview is a fascinating read and well worth a look if you're interested in Mr Eno at all, or fancy a few hints at upcoming titles from a well-respected developer!

    To check it all out http://www.cubed3.com/news/13079

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