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the problems

Discussion in 'GoldenEye 007' started by riordan_85, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. riordan_85

    riordan_85 WiiChat Member

    Apr 12, 2011
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    Quad Cities, IA
    with the increase in the hacking/modding, its causing a huge problem.

    i have been keeping track of my XP points. a few hundred from lvl 40. and after a match and you go back to the screen, if you shut it off you dont get the XP. you have to log off the internet connection to book it. also i played a match today with 2 level 42.s i joined mid match and got 400 xp and our team lost in heroes.
    my xp needed before the match was 6045. i played the next match in archives and dominated and got the win, i got 950 xp. then all the sudded a communication error came up and disconnected me. i logged back on and all the sudden my xp needed was 7395. i was like wtf.

    this guy hacked in and had a reverse xp gain on the game and totally screwed me up, and then lost and all the sudden i was disconnected.

    the host quits are only half the problem. i never have a problem with the game freezing unless a hacker is in the game. i have played 4 hours straight with no problem, then the next day i play with a lvl 50 and the game freezes on the first match.

    his name was Nate. i played him he was lvl 50 3 days ago, and then today i played and he was against me and was lvl 56, throwin proxies everywhere. how dow you get blown up 6 times by the same guy and check the score and he has 16 kills and 0 deaths??
    although he couldnt shoot to save his life. he just sat in a corner with 5 proxies around him.

    you would think that the developers could do a lil better job making a game and not have soo many glitches.

    i dont know if its a glitch or a hack, but i have been hero usually in archives and then my gun wont fire.

    the other one is in the docks and if your MI6 and hero it right away then try to climb up the stairs you get frozen. you can shoot but no aim and are stuck to die, then you just stay there and the other team comes up and melees the hell out of ya. im sure they'd kick ya in the sack if they could.

    some of this crap is just ridiculous. and i am just curious who else this has happened to and if there are any other level glitches or whatever you wanna call it

    my name is A C E, i would like to get some other players to have a solid match where none of this crap happens

    add me if ya like to
    lvl 39
    105 099 862 265
    #1 riordan_85, Apr 25, 2011
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2011
  2. Slimothy

    Slimothy WiiChat Member

    Apr 6, 2011
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    Stortford, England
    i havn't really been in many hacked games, one where i got, as did my team, added extra XP for kills. which really bugged me as i couldn't help think if i was on the other team and it happened i would of thrown a wobbly, then thrown my tv out my window at a passer bye. 1000+ XP for 13 kills and 1 hero, pointless. not even benifiting team kills to help get a team win.

    Then one you have had, or a variation at least. Archives couldn't use my grenades, not sure if that was a glitch or a hack, everytime i pressed the button to throw the grenades, my gun got a twich on my screen like i was trying to melee attack but didn't have the muscle capasity to lift my own gun. that was a complete bugger really, as i tend not to get many kills with my grenades but would of been usefull as i was very low on ammo, and i'm about as much use with a pistol as a guy running around with water ballons.

    Some glitches i really hate are the ones where people can hide in objects, like on the station level were people hide in the boxes. there whole team was obbsessed with doing it so i just hid in one of the tunnels below the train picking them off for easy kills. but you waste ammo and grenades trying to get the idiot(s).

    But overall the worst hack is coming across a level 6 with a mastredon or whatever it's called and just raping you to such an extent the bloke has blown extra wholes in you to enjoy a much thorough rape.

    I seriously hope an updated game fix's all these problems! it's a nightmare.
    also get rid of the poxy host quit.
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