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Weird freezing issue with XBox Live

Discussion in 'Xbox Consoles' started by RDBRaptor, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. RDBRaptor

    RDBRaptor I Rest on You

    Nov 19, 2006
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    Hello, I've recently gotten a 360 and it ran fine offline (1 or 2 times it froze but it's fine now) and I've run into this weird freezing problem and haven't found anything about it while searching through google. Apparently my 360 doesn't like it when there are two live accounts on at once. A friend and I played GRAW 2 and Gears of War fine the first night with two accounts but the next day it would just freeze about 5 or so minutes into the match.

    I thought this was an overheating problem and was getting really pissed off (I've heard lots of overheating problems with the 360 and prayed that it wouldn't happen to me), I was on the verge of taking it back to the store when my friend started GRAW 2 on Live by himself and he got through an entire match. For some strange reason it works perfectly fine if there's only one Live account and guests but completely craps out if there's more than one on.

    Has anyone had this happen to you before?

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