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What's next for Kingdom Hearts???

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Ooze33, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Ooze33

    Ooze33 Avatar and Fox Fan

    Oct 28, 2006
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    Free Country, USA
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    I was going to reply to my old KH thread but it is too old. SO here is more news on the next thing for the Kingdom Hearts series:

    Edit: TGS came, and there are THREE New Kingdom Hearts games coming out. For more information, scroll down to my third post and check it out!!

    There are also 2 pictures for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for the PSP:

    Source: www.khinsider.com

    The 3 Knight's name in the Trailer are:
    Ven (the frozen one)
    Aqua (the woman)
    Terra [The main (and angry) one]

    By the way, here is the Secret Ending from Kingdom hearts II: Final Mix+:
    *NOTE the secret ending is confirmed to be for KH: Birth By Sleep for PSP


    Also, here is a fan trailer I had found!

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  2. Attacktix

    Attacktix WiiChat Member

    Jul 2, 2007
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    nice work! and good finds. but sorry im not a kingdom hearts fan...
  3. nic7

    nic7 Wiichat Member

    Aug 22, 2006
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    Iowa, America
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    I think those look like psp graphics to me. I've got a feeling that KH3 will be (Atleast originally) a ps3 exclusive. They probably were well into development on that game for the ps3 when the wii surprised everyone and became such a smash hit.
    But I probably will have to go to a friends house to play KH3 (As I don't have a PS3 of my own and don't plan on getting one in the near future) But I will buy the other two versions (Which im pretty confident exist) when they come out..
  4. Ooze33

    Ooze33 Avatar and Fox Fan

    Oct 28, 2006
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    Free Country, USA
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    Supposedly, it will be multiple games on multiple systems in a compilation in the sytle of "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII" but with out crappy shooters.
    (I'm talking to you Dirge of Cerberus!!)
  5. Ooze33

    Ooze33 Avatar and Fox Fan

    Oct 28, 2006
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    Free Country, USA
    Wii Friend Code: 5563-5262-9999-5897
    New Kingdom Hearts Games for Mobile, DS, and PSP!!!!!!

    Hey everyone, Time here, as you can see, Kingdom Hearts information is just pouring out of various websites, including Famitsu, a superb site that has been supplying us with some of our Kingdom Hearts needs.

    Note: New things keep pouring up, including new logos among other things!

    Chief among them - well Square Enix has shown off trailers for all three games (see below for details). Unfortunately, the trailers were behind closed doors, but Famitsu has typed up a description of them. We have translated the Famitsu descriptions, quite interesting!


    When the video begins, we are introduced with a series of images, followed by the words "Kingdom Hearts: New Concepts and Game Titles." Right after this, the ending to Kingdom Hearts 2 plays, followed by the phrases "The secret ending has been dealt with, and the worlds extend once again" and "flow".

    The screen fades back in to Jiminy Cricket and the phrase "Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories". He is peering into his journal, noticing a phrase he cannot remember writing. It reads "You need to return, to heal the wounds". This phrase seems to alert Jiminy in some way, as he runs off to report the finding to King Mickey. The king is startled by the discovery, but only replies with "Only he is the one who can solve it."

    We fade in and out to Sora standing on the beach at Destiny Islands. He is wearing his Kingdom Hearts 1 style clothing, but he is only shown as computer data being transmitted.

    When the image of Sora disappears, a battle scene commences. As Sora is moving blocks around to finish a puzzle game, heartless are attacking from all angles. The game play mechanics seem very odd. After the puzzle is finished, a command called "Debugging" appears on the screen. After being activated, Sora moves extremely quickly and then vanishes.

    The last scene includes Sora and Mickey in Traverse Town. Mickey says to no one in particular "I was here on that day." and "Let's speak truly". We are then presented with the name of the game: Kingdom Hearts: Coded. It has been announced to be a mobile phone game.


    We are introduced with the scene where Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories had came to an end, and are then confronted with the phrase "The other side attached to Sora still sleeps", along with "The mind comes back whenever they touch."

    The video then focuses upon Roxas and Axel, sitting atop the clock tower in Twilight Town. This seems to be the same scene from Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+. Soon after, the video shows Roxas being invited into Organization XIII. He is being greeted by all, and introduces himself, and they do the same to him. Then the scene fades into Roxas actually joining the Organization.

    Following this is a short clip of Mickey talking about Axel, and Saix near Roxas. Roxas is shown pulling out both of his keyblades, and it moves into gameplay. The gameplay confirms that you may play with Roxas, Axel, Saix and Xigbar.

    Xemnas then mentions something very interesting. He explains that a 14th member has joined their Organization, and that this member is female. This scene is quickly followed by the title of the game: "Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days" and a whispering Roxas saying "I will disappear from this world in 151 days"

    This game is for the beloved Nintendo DS.


    Scenes of the ending of Kingdom Hearts 1 flash by on the screen, and two phrases are seen clearly on=screen. One reads "Deep Past" and the other "Shut-Eyes gives birth to the concealed fate."

    We are then confronted by a young boy who looks like Roxas conversing with another young boy with black hair. Their surroundings seem to resemble Hallow Bastion (Radiant Garden). The name "Ven" is thrown outward, referring to the boy who looks like Roxas.

    The scene change various times before stopping at an image of the Old Man from the KH2FM+ secret ending. He is called "Master Xehanort" by Terra. Soon after, Terra summons his keyblade and the screen changes.

    Various worlds are shown, and one of which is familiar to us all. "Olympus Coliseum" is making another comeback, followed by a brand new world, that of which resembles Sleeping Beauty.

    The video then changes back to Terra battling against a dark figure, whom you can tell is male. This is the same man from the Secret Ending of KH2FM+, the one who the Old Man creates. Terra is able to forcibly get the man's helmet off, but his face is concealed.

    King Mickey is shown summoning his keybalde, and then the scene changes very quickly to Terra on a beach. He seems to be watching two boys play in the ocean. After he rests his weapon into the ground, the two boys he was watching are clearer and they look like Sora and Riku. Soon after, Terra says "Please don't depend on me, just erase me... friend."

    The phrase "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep" arises, and it is revealed this game is for the PSP.

    Note: It has been rumored the DS game is being co-developed by Hand (Chocobo Tales) and the PSP game is being developed by the Crisis Core team. This is not a confirmation, just speculation

    The Secret Ending in the First Post is for the PSP game, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

    EDIT: Here is some more tidbits of info:

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for PSP:
    -Looks like a singleplayer game similar to the Playstation 2 games.
    -This is not Kingdom Hearts III.
    -1UP is guessing the protagonist of this game is a young man that looks a lot like Zack from Final Fantasy 7. KHInsider is guessing they mean Terra from the Famitsu scans today.

    Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days for Nintendo DS:
    -appears to star Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II
    -looks like there is four-player simultaneous play using members of Organization XIII.
    -It will be in full 3D.

    Kingdom Hearts: Coded for Mobile Game:
    -Looks like it's for Japanese cell phones.
    -It stars the main characters. (Sora and Co.)
    -Seems to be set between the first and second PlayStation 2 titles. [Bits like this are speculation from the presentation of course]

    Source: http://www.khinsider.com/
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  6. Pen15-love

    Pen15-love Banned

    Sep 18, 2007
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    never played or been into kingdom hearts but that trailer look pretty dam good im gonna get it.

    but few questions whats gameplay like in it.

    is it RPG, PLATFORMER, ????

    and what type of play like

    RPG like Final fantasy,
    RPG like super paper mario

    PLatformer like mario

    FPS like metroid

    TPS like metal gear solid

    OR what?

    also i thought those grapihcs did not look like psp
    i thought they looked pretty dam good Like top end of wii graphics
  7. Byuakuya

    Byuakuya Bleach & Heroes fan.

    Jan 14, 2007
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    Soul Society
    I am a massive fan of the KH series, so any news about it is good news to me. :lol:
    Anyway, even if they are rumors, there is a slight possibility that some of them may be true. Thanks for the info.
  8. Foxy

    Foxy Super Ninjarator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 4, 2007
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    They have been confirmed I believe.

    It is KH3 that is rumour.
  9. Ooze33

    Ooze33 Avatar and Fox Fan

    Oct 28, 2006
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    Free Country, USA
    Wii Friend Code: 5563-5262-9999-5897
    The Second post (TGS Info) is official. I've edited my first post to tell of the Official info, not the rumors.

    EDIT: It has been speculated that Kingdom Hearts: Coded is just going to be for Japanese cell phones. No worries though, it is just a modified version of the original Kingdom Hearts.
    ANOTHER EDIT: Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days should come out in America in 2008!!
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  10. JCpackers05

    JCpackers05 NiNtEnDoFrEakJMC

    Jul 11, 2006
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    United States, New Jersey
    ive never played kingdom hearts. but ive heard they were pretty good.
  11. Ooze33

    Ooze33 Avatar and Fox Fan

    Oct 28, 2006
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    Free Country, USA
    Wii Friend Code: 5563-5262-9999-5897
    Here are complete summaries of the trailer for each game. Enjoy!

    Great news! FF&KH, a Japanese blog, was kind enough to provide their own summaries of the trailers for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts: Coded, and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. Tomo from KHN was kind enough to provide translations of these latest summaries, which provide hoards of new information that numerous other sites left out. Check it out below!

    Kingdom Hearts: Coded (Mobile Phones) Trailer Summary:

    -The title "KINGDOM HEARTS NEW CONCEPTS, NEW TITLES" is displayed with the beginning image in a form of waves.
    -It shows the ending scene of Kingdom Hearts II. Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy are in Destiny Islands' playing and laughing together in the water.
    -The words appear:
    "Flow of time."
    "The secret is solved."
    "The world extends."
    -It begins with an image of Jiminy Cricket narrating the scenes. (FF&KH user notes that the words that are placed down as Jiminy speaks are made to look very vague.)
    -Jiminy Cricket: "My two journals are completed. One of them became blank because of Castle Oblivion. The words that were written in the journal said, 'Give thanks to Namine' .........eh?"
    -One strange sentence that was written in Jiminy's Journal that should have become blank by KH:CoM: "It is necessary to return to healing their wounds."
    -Jiminy finds the strange sentences and reports them to the King in a panicking manner.
    -King Mickey: "He is the only one who is able to solve this mystery."
    -Jiminy Cricket: "I think so too."
    -Sora appears standing on Destiny Islands. A special effect surrounds Sora's body looking like he's being forwarded by a computer which momentarily hangs.
    -~Battle scene begins~
    -The Heartless attack. Sora is shown moving a pile of blocks.
    -Are there a variety of mini game elements such as puzzle games built in?
    -In "Debugging mode", Sora's movement quickens, and various actions join together when a command is executed. (Is it like the reaction command triangle button of KHII?)
    -The scene, from the Original Kingdom Hearts, in which Sora enters Traverse Town is shown. Pluto tries to lick Sora's face and Sora wakes up in the back of the alley in Traverse Town.
    -Sora chases Pluto and runs to the center of the town.
    -Sora: "Here is where...?" He remembers Traverse Town from the original KH. (It's a bit different. although, it sure looks like the beginning scene of Traverse Town.)
    -The King comes out of the back of the alley with a hand held up and walks toward Sora. (The King is in his usual clothing and not the clothes of the Org. XIII.)
    -King Mickey: "Sora, I was here on that day. Let me speak the truth."


    Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (DS) Trailer Summary:

    -The ending scene of KH Re:CoM is shown. Sora is seen sleeping in order to regain his memory.
    -Words appear:
    "The other side is returning to Sora to sleep."
    "Whenever crossing, the mind comes back."
    -A scene with Roxas and Axel sitting on the clock tower of Twilight Town is shown.
    -(Tomo's note: Taking this from Game Watch's post because it's the exact same thing here.) Roxas and Axel are watching the evening sun from the clock tower at the station as usual. The duty of the two people, who belong to the Organization, is to deal with the Heartless and to collect "Hearts". They always meet in the clock tower at this station at the end of each duty. They talk about their duties, while eating [sea-salt] ice cream together.
    Axel: "The sunset, do we know why it's to be red?"
    Axel: "It is anything because it reaches until there are some colors in its light, and especially red which is the furthest color."
    Roxas: "Why is Axel in a good mood?"
    -The scene changes to inside the white room where Roxas is with the other Org. XIII members being introduced.
    -It seems, this is the scene where Roxas enters the Organization.
    -Axel and Saix are talking about Castle Oblivion.
    Saix: "There is a member in Castle Oblivion who is a betrayer."
    Saix: "Erase him as soon as we find him."
    Axel: "Is this really an instruction from Xemnas?"
    Does Saix's expression deepen?
    -The King meets a man with a black hood in the forest.
    -The King looks mysterious himself. (He is wearing his black hood appearance.)
    -The King is surprised and pulls out his keyblade momentarily, at the same time, pulls down his hood.
    -~Battle Scene~
    -Roxas is manipulated, and the Heartless are being knocked down. The operation to glide in the air is possible..
    -In addition, the scene that have the members of the Org. XIII members struggling in a joint battle seems to be the first multiplayer battle in the KH series.
    -The screen appears to be divided into four, and the players are able to control: Roxas, Xigbar, Saix, and Axel.
    -Xemans is talking in the white room where the Organization XIII are gathered.
    -The Org. members are all with deep expressions.
    -Xemans: "A new companion came to join us. ....... It is the the 14th."
    -The pereson who is called the 14th in appearance is a girl who is wearing a black hood. Her face isn't able to be seen.
    -Axel and Roxas are flying/hopping on the roofs of houses of Twilight Town.
    -Roxas: "...Ahead of me, I see Xemnas...." (FF&KH user notes that his/her memory is vague about this part.)
    -Roxas looks at the sunset on the clock tower again: "I will disappear from this world in 151 days."


    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (PSP) Trailer Summary:

    -The beginning scene is from the ending of Kingdom Hearts to its opening.
    -"Sleep gives birth to the concealed fate in the far past."
    -A boy with the same face as Roxas, but different clothes, is talking to the person known as Terra who has dark hair. The boy who looks like Roxas is called "Ven" by Terra.
    -"Are you the one who, at one time, saved me?"
    -"Ah, promise." (FF&KH user notes that this conversation is very vague.)
    -Terra is shown facing the elderly man who appeared in the Secret Movie of KHII:FM+ in the wilderness. (Although the voice and appearance of this man is quite different from Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts, the elderly man is also called "Xehanort".)
    -Terra calls out the keyblade in his right hand, similar to the man in armor that appeared in KHII:FM+. [KH2: FM+ Secret Boss?] Same person?
    -Though Terra is hostile towards the elderly person, (Xehanort) he spoke in the defense of Roxas. (FF&KH blog user does not recall the exact words though.)
    -Xehanort meets Ven (Roxas?) in the Olympus Coliseum. (Additionally, the forest from Sleeping Beauty's world is confirmed!)
    -(It is considerably vague of what the elderly man's final words say.)
    Ven: "Who? I don't know you."
    Elderly man: "Only soon, will you know, and you are asleep."
    Elderly man: "The one that was lost was to lose, and the one to be obtained was obtained."
    Elderly man: "You must grab and take it now." The elderly man waves his hands as if to summon magic.
    Ven (Roxas?) watches with an expression that becomes confused and fearful.
    -Afterwards, the world of the wilderness appears again.
    -The person wearing a black helmet and black clothes (person who appeared in KHII:FM+'s Secret Movie) encounters Ven.
    -The person of mystery fights off Ven.
    -The King summons and uses the keyblade to momentarily protect a fallen Ven. It appears the King is wearing new clothing.
    -The scene has changed completely to the wilderness, and this time, the elderly man starts to appeal for something.
    Elderly man: "Please, I ask of you to correct my mistake!" (FF&KH user can't remember what else the elderly man says.)
    -Terra is watching the coast. (Coast of Destiny Islands?)
    -There are two boys who are playing using wooden swords and Terra watches from a grove. (Sora, and perhaps, Riku?)
    -Ven is watching from a similar coast. This place isn't Destiny Islands. It is Twilight Town.
    "Because he's my friend, please erase me."

    Source: www.khinsider.com
  12. CHAZZA35

    CHAZZA35 WiiChat Member

    Sep 25, 2007
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    this is for super paper mario, not kingdom hearts :wtf:

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