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Why Do People Fear Islam?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ottoman, May 16, 2007.

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  1. ottoman

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    Dec 2, 2006
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    That’s right Corey, I stole your title! :loll:

    Now...before I begin, this WILL NOT become a flaming thread. Any attempt of flaming will be reported, and the flamer and me can sort it out somewhere else. If you see a flamer, DONT respond. just ignore it.

    So, Islam. ask yourself, do you know anything about Islam? I mean actually have a good knowledge of it? No? im not really surprised, ever since 9/11, all you hear about is how violent and filthy Islam is. Well the more intelligent of you know that these are lies...

    For instance, ever wondered why ALL the Muslims on TV preach terror? and want all western people dead? Thats not what Islam is about my friends, far from it. Yet the Media love these people, they want you to think that slam is full of Hatred. They find these confused people who claim they are Muslim and let them tell the world how he wants to kill us all. Interesting no?

    You see the Media will never TELL you directly that Islam is bad, but they will do everything else to make YOU come up with that opinion. Racism isnt inherited, its taught.

    People are often scared of things they dont know much about. World leaders and media take advantage of this and try to associate Violence to this peaceful religion.

    Its done in such a vague way, that you dont even realise its happening. You flip on the tv to find images of black people stealing (they must think if you see it enough times then you’ll think its true). They use the same thing to get you to think that all foreigners have come to steal you job, all white people are trash, and even that women are inferior to men!
    The list of stereo-types go on and on...its the same thing, nothing new. but now they're doing it to the Muslims.

    They are trying to associate the word Muslim with the Word terrorist. But those two words have opposite meanings...

    Terrorist: Some one who spreads terror
    Muslim: Someone who submits to God.

    How can someone who submits to God spread terror? Face it, the word Muslim Terrorist is an oxymoron.

    Yet the people of today fail to look past the crap that gets put in front of them. They now only WANT to see Muslims being bad. Some of them are reading this right now, and thinking about how stupid i am to defend such fanatics, right?

    They take Quotes from the Qur'an and try to associate Violence to it. Take this as an example:

    "..Think Not that I have come to spread peace on earth, for I have not come to spread peace, but a sword .."

    Sounds violent right? but wait a sec, we dont know the sentence before that or the sentence after that...its been taken completely out of context. Lol, no no, thats not from the Qur'an Thats from the Bible, Matthew 10:34 :)

    So why is it that i dont try to associate violence to Christianity? I dont judge Christians by Adolf Hitler and his vile actions. Or the Christian fundamentalist that blow up abortion clinics. So why must you judge Muslims by a few misguided followers?

    The answer is simple, try looking at what the Qur'an Teaches before you judge Muslims. And dont be fooled by Mr Bush and Mr Blair. The two biggest terrorists alive today, in my opinion.
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