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Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Chat' started by zraductus, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. zraductus

    zraductus WiiChat Member

    Nov 13, 2006
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    hi im force to write this because of the fact that im Wiiless

    i should have pre-order the wiii but i wasnt sure if it was worth it
    at the end of countless wii games videos trough the internet and countless reviews and predictions 4 the wii i now was sure to get one

    the problem is i don know where to get one!!!!

    i live in Puerto Rico and the only videogame stores are in malls to far away from my town the only 2 malls near had gamstop,ebx,and babbages
    other stores that were available to me where toys R us and walmart

    a friend of mine told me the wii arrived saturday afternoon and was going to be sold sunday morning at 11am,so i went at 8:50 am and already was a huge line
    and some people there told me that there where more people that had been in line since 2am and there where 3 list of people i made number 38 in the third list .

    then it opened the store and it was horses away , a race to the lay away part of the store.........no matter if u reached the lay away first they were calling people by the god forsaken list after waiting i decided to call my friend trough my cell phone aand asked him how many wiis did fed ex bring ......

    he said 27 and that walmart wwas the only store with more wiis

    after waiting for the inevitable......they had run off and about 50 people were left pissed off and without the wii.........

    i called ebx babbages,& gamestop that same sunday & they were are sold out & the only Wiis availbale wiis were reserved 4 the preorders .......

    anyone with news 4 another shipment date please say it in this thread
    or vent ur anger if ur willess like me
  2. Mmy

    Mmy Coin-Operated Boy

    Nov 17, 2006
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    Findlay, Ohio, USA
    Wii Friend Code: 1189-5997-8838-3786
    You and 6billion+ others.

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