1. M

    PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond Out Today on Wii

    The wait is over, Pokémon fans, as Nintendo’s PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond is released today for the Wii. The game invites you on a new Pokémon adventure as Pikachu and his pals Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig work together to discover the secrets of the mysterious Wish Park and save the missing...
  2. link2000

    What's the most weird quote that you've ever read on any of the pokémon installments?

    I have three from two different installments. One of them is from Blue and the other two are from Crystal. Blue: "I like fiesty little boys like you." Crystal: "Bah-roooom, I hear voices in my head! Wait, it's just my radio." Crystal: "Behold, the fruits of my labor!"
  3. real-o

    EV-GEAR - Keep track of Effort Values the easy way!

    Hey, you, competitive Pokémon trainer! Are you tired of having to keep track of your Pokémon's Effort Values with a pencil and paper or the Windows calculator program? Well, now you can throw that pencil away, recycle that paper, and exit that calculator program! EV-GEAR is a multi-platform...
  4. 123to

    Join my pokemon group!

    I made pokemon black and white online gaming so if you want pokemon black/white friends to battle (or trade)almost daily we can make mini toaments
  5. Ghost.OG.

    Your Opinion: Digimon or Pokemon?

    So guys, Bassicly what the title says. Do you prefer digimon or pokemon? and why? I basicly prefer Digimon because the creators had more creativity(in my opinion) with all the dna-digivolutions and armor digivolutions.
  6. alexwii3

    share your pokr mon mystery dunden explores of darkness, super scribblenauts and ds

    dsi:4148-0118-66910-3000 super scribblenauts:4813-4595-4640 pokemon:ill give this 1 to u cuz i left it in my dsi case and i cant find my dsi case
  7. T

    Pokemon Platinum Connect To Wii?

    uhhm i have PBR for wii and a platinum rom (R4 rom) for my DS i tried to connect but if i press "Connect To Wii" it just shows white screen (both screens) can anyone help?
  8. Girlygamer

    new to wii love pokemon

    Hi im kat aka girly gamer... im new to the wii i reallly would like some wii friends so if people would lemme know if they add me on there or what not it would be cool.... and ummm i like the pokemon battle revolution game my pokemon gamer friend code is 1592-1176-1800 name kat ..... umm ya...
  9. C

    A good pokemon game for the wii

    When i say this i believe all wii gamers are as frustrated as i am. All the Pokemon wii games are grade a crap. why is Nintendo so afraid to step onto new grounds. A Pokemon 3d Pokemon rpg would be great for the wii. Their to afraid that the DS owners would be angry if they made a Pokemon rpg...
  10. I

    How to Stop Killing The Pokemon Franchise

    I'm not entirely sure if this belongs here, but... As you can probobly tell by my username, I hate Pokemon. I wasn't always like this. I loved Pokemon Crystal(My first Pokemon game!), and Yellow deserved a "meh" at best. Then Came Ruby and Sapphire. It was then I realized that they were just...
  11. S

    Hello, Everyone!

    Hey my name is Starfam, wanna know look at my signature. Note: I am currently using my wii internet channel, which is now FREE for everyone. >_>