Your Opinion: Digimon or Pokemon?

New episodes or re runs? Either way the show lost it once the kids themselves started turning into Digimon themselves.
Pokemans lost it from Diamond series and on.

I'd say the pogeymanz lost it's charm from Hoenn and onwards... It's been nearly a good 10 years since the anime turned rubbish.

My opinion is both are worthless, and I'd be starved of sanity if I had to choose to watch either of them. :lol:
Pokemon is better, in my opinion. I liked Digimon, but I never got into it like I did Pokemon. I have every single Pokemon game, I have a tote full of Pokemon toys from when I was little, and I still play Pokemon to this day. Digimon was good in its day, but the only thing I ever acquired from that show was a T-shirt that I stopped wearing years ago. I also stopped watching the show years ago. Now, the new episodes of Pokemon do suck, but I still like the games a lot, so I think that counts for something.
Digimon was always interesting to me because all the creatures where free of human control and you would never know what to find out in the wild world of digimonsters, so i guess ill go with digimon as my final choice.