10 ways the video game industry is ripping you off


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May 15, 2006
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Nice article I found on gamesradar about the various ways games companies like to rip off their poor fans: http://www.gamesradar.com/ps3/f/ten-ways-the-games-industry-is-shafting-you/a-20080219115144305067

They provide a good explanation for the bizarre shortages of Wii and DS consoles even years after their release:

Do you think Nintendo really can't produce enough Wiis to satisfy demand? How about Super Smash Bros. Brawl disks? When Jack Tretton challenged us to find a PS3 on the shelf, no one had any problems, so why would he make the challenge in the first place?

Shortages, in the minds of the companies, generate demand. The hope is that, when their product is finally available, it'll be snatched up like bags of Doritos in a smoke-filled college dorm room.

The only way to avoid this tomfoolery is patience. Avoid overpriced Ebay auctions, and buy your console or game when it's available. Oh, and preorders? They never seem like a good idea.


Above: A leaked flowchart from Nintendo's official business plan

Then of course, there's my pet hate, microtransactions:

Downloadable content isn't a bad thing per se, but when the content is already on the disk and we're paying for a "key" to unlock it, well, that's a pile of barn animal excrement (hear that, Beautiful Katamari?).

There's also the question of pricing. Does it make sense that to buy all of the downloadable songs for Rock Band would cost nearly as much as the game itself? Not unless you eat piles of money for breakfast, in which case you should probably be more worried about that bowel obstruction.

The only way to avoid being duped into paying extra for a complete product is research. Know what you're buying before you buy it, and don't go downloading all willy-nilly until you've evaluated the actual worth of your purchase.


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Dec 12, 2007
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